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'Tis the season to be thankful. It's easy to keep our heads down, moving through busy work days and the hustle around us with an impersonal haste; however, the holiday season gives us the opportunity to pause and reflect. For many of us, our most valued possession is living, breathing, and furry—our dogs. Teaching us about love and patience, here are 10 reasons we should all be thankful for our dogs this holiday season and all year round.


  1. We always have someone to come home to.

    Woman welcomed home by dogs


  2. They allow us to be silly without judgment.

    Girl and her dog


  3. They don’t care where they are, or what they’re doing so long as it’s with us.

    Small dog with people

  4. They know when you need them and you never have to ask.

    Dog cuddling


  5. They remind us to never give up and show us how to move on and let go.

    Family with dog in hospital


  6. They never fail to make you smile even when you don’t think you can.

    Woman with small dog


  7. They make the best sidekicks.

    Girl in costume with her dog


  8. They stand tall and proud, even if they’re the smallest dog in the biggest city.

    Little dog in the city


  9. Their spirits are unbreakable; on their worst day, their tails still wag.

    Golden Retriever running


  10. They love us unconditionally. They are the one thing that will never hurt us.

    Girl with Lab
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