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In last month’s Nibble newsletter, we asked our readers to send in pictures of their dogs having a lazy summer. It was a tough decision, but we’ve selected the 10 “laziest” pups enjoying the dog days of summer the best way they know how!

Buddy – Labrador Retriever

Buddy is a 6-year-old Labrador Retriever who loves to catch rays from the sun. He even has his own towel and lounge chair!

Clover – Maltese

Safety first! Clover the one-year-old Maltese loves to go boating, as long as she has her life jacket on! She loves the way the lakeside breeze and wind feel in her hair.

Sadie – Poodle

Sadie is a four-year-old Poodle whose favorite summertime activity is long rides in the car. She is all decked out in her ball cap and doggles and ready to cruise around in a convertible.

Tiramisu – Miniature American Shepherd

Tiramisu is a one-year-old Miniature American Shepherd who found a great tree bench to relax in at San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park.

Cash – Brittany

10-year-old Brittany, Cash, loves floating in the pool. His owner says one day he just wore his sunglasses for an hour while lounging in the water.

Cooper – Vizsla

Cooper is an 8-month-old Vizsla who loves to start his day off by visiting the beach!

Petey – French Bulldog

Petey the 2-year-old French Bulldog loves spending time outdoors! His owner says he will spread out in the backyard without a care in the world and watch the world go by.

Brady – Labrador Retriever

Brady is a four-year-old Labrador Retriever who loves to sit on the top of the pyramid steps with his owner.

Huckleberry – Bulldog

Humans, don’t be fooled! This is Huckleberry’s pool. His owners fill it up to chest level for their 5-year-old Bulldog to use and enjoy.

Valentina – Yorkshire Terrier

Valentina is a two-year-old Yorkshire Terrier who loves being around motorcycles. Her owners always put safety first when they take her for a ride by going at low speeds on local roads. She even wears her doggles!