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Golden Retriever gets a bath with a Waterpik

We’ve officially entered the thick of rainy season, which can mean only one thing for our furry friends *cue dramatic Instagram superzoom* ‚Äî muddy paws! Luckily, Waterpik makes cleanup super easy and pain free.

Buddy calls the lush and verdant Pacific Northwest home and loves nothing more than being outside regardless of the weather. With energy levels as off the charts as his, a little bit of rain isn’t going to keep him from living his best life. The Waterpik Pet Wand attachment is a pro grade tool for getting him squeaky clean, even after a romp in the park in the midst of November rain. Need proof? Here is an illustrated guide to bath time, featuring Buddy!


Here’s Buddy. He’s a nine month old Golden Retriever with the softest, thickest yellow fur in all the land. It took a little bit of bribing to get him into the tub, but luckily that was the easiest part of the job.

[buddy waterpik 2]

Naturally, Buddy has reservations about bathtime — he is a canine after all!


The good news is that having treats on the ready makes everything possible with him.


Here we go! Always make sure to get the water just right — your dog will thank you.


Buddy’s fur might be dirty now, but he’ll be spot free in no time flat thanks to the Watercomb spray’s full coverage, which penetrates all the way through Buddy’s thick winter coat.


The attachment screws on easily to any indoor or outdoor water source. It was cold out, so we opted to bathe Buddy indoors. The eight foot flexible hose makes it easy to hit all the spots.


A couple moments later and we’re just about ready for shampoo.


But first, we gotta make sure to get all the spots.


Scrub-a-dub-dub one dog in a tub!


Almost time for rinse off…


Pictured above is the rare and elusive soggy doggy.


Here’s Buddy in the home stretch of bath time ‚Äî so far so good. The massaging water pressure certainly can’t hurt this rambunctious pup


A little bit of toweling off and ta-da — good as new!


A clean dog is a happy dog.


This handy little tool streamlines bathtime and shaves precious minutes off showertime so Buddy can go out and do what he does best ‚Äî explore! Until the next bathtime, we’ll have this little wand on the ready.

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