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You wouldn’t want a roommate who never bathed, never brushed his teeth and hair and never clipped his nails. Your dog depends on you to prevent him from becoming that roommate. You’ll need a few tools to ensure that doesn’t happen.

When people think about dog grooming, the first thing that comes to mind is the brush. Yes, you will need a brush or two to properly groom your dog.

The frequency of grooming and the type of brush you use depends on your dog’s coat.

Longhaired dogs or ones who spend a lot of time getting down and dirty outdoors will likely need more frequent care, from three times a week to daily. Use a gentle wire slicker-brush or a pin brush with long, natural bristles and a sturdy metal comb to remove tangles. Shorthaired dogs can usually get by with a weekly brushing. A “hound mitt” works well. Use a brush with short, natural bristles.

Other grooming tools: