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treating your dogs ibd

Detoxification could be just what the doctor ordered for the treatment of your dog’s inflammatory bowel disease. Reducing toxins in your dog’s diet is the goal, say holistic vets.

Treating the family dog for what’s commonly referred to as an inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) typically involves the use of such prescription drugs as prednisone and metronidazole. But there are natural alternatives, say holistic veterinarians. Exactly why some dogs come down with an IBD is a mystery, but what they’ve eaten certainly can be a cause or contributing factor. IBD should be suspected in any pet with chronic diarrhea (lasting three weeks or more).

Before moving forward with diagnostic testing for IBD, it’s important to rule out other causes of diarrhea such as parasite infections and bacterial infections. Treating IBD with conventional medications, such as prednisone, could have long-term side effects, such as diabetes, osteoporosis, weight gain, and adrenal disease.

Many holistic vets say an IBD is caused by a reaction to toxins – including toxins in the diet, too many vaccinations, and excessive use of flea and tick medications. As a result, detoxification is an important part of treatment, they say. Finding a diet that is easy on the GI tract is vital. Other therapies include adding probiotics, enzymes, glutamine, and herbs such as marshmallow root to the dog’s diet. Detoxification with homeopathics and herbs, such as milk thistle, further assist in healing. Natural therapies should be continued for the life of the pet to ensure normal GI health.

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