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Golden Retriever eats an apple

Many dogs are notorious for their seemingly insatiable appetites. Some get “hangry” while others deal more politely…that is, if you consider food stealing polite.

This Golden just couldn’t wait–he was so hungry that he took part of his owner’s lunch! He was so sweet about it, though, that his owner decided to share. Now everybody’s happy. Watch what happens below.

Source: Golden Retriever caught red-handed stealing apple by Jnt436

Although an occasional snack like this apple is OK, it’s best to avoid giving your dog table food, as there are many foods that can be harmful for dogs. To see a list of foods that dogs can and cannot eat, click here.

Golden Retrievers are intelligent, friendly, and devoted. Learn more about them here. If you think this breed is right for you, check out the AKC Marketplace for Golden Retriever puppies.

This isn’t the first time a Golden’s gotten excited about a snack! Check out Gracie who went to the bank to withdraw a cookie.