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AKC State Federations

AKC State Federations

Organizing a State Federation of Dog Clubs

Today, dog owners and breeders are being challenged as never before by the introduction of legislation that could change our way of life. The AKC Government Relations (GR) Department is committed to fighting unreasonable canine legislation wherever it occurs, but our assistance cannot take the place of your involvement in dog issues at the local and state level. The GR Department works with its state federations of dog clubs and provides back up to fight bad dog laws and support positive measures that teach the public about responsible dog ownership and care. As constituents, state federations and their members have a powerful voice in addressing legislation that will directly impact them. They are the ground soldiers in the state-level battles on topics such as unfair breeder regulations, limit laws, breed-specific legislation and mandatory spay-neuter laws. When united, the voice of responsible dog owners can be a powerful political tool.

If your state doesn’t have an AKC federation, please consider organizing one. It’s easy to do. Here are some resources to learn more.

Sample Constitutions and By-laws

Sample Newsletters

AKC Dog Clubs and Other Allied Groups

The AKC encourages dog owners and breeders to work together on legislative issues. To facilitate these efforts, many clubs and individuals who are interested in protecting and promoting the world of purebred dogs form state and local federations, coalitions, or alliances. The following are current contacts listed by state.

Alabama Canine Coalition
Baba Monk, President, 334-567-0673,

Grover Jameson, 479-965-2078,

California Federation of Dog Clubs
Carole Raschella, President,
Dog Owners of the Golden State
Chuck Bridges, President; 1-866-972-8373;
Sacramento Council of Dog Clubs
Joan Gibson Reid, 916-689-1661,
The Animal Council
Sharon Coleman, 650-692-0126,

Colorado Federation of Dog Clubs and Owners
Linda Hart, 303-842-1033,

Connecticut Federation of Dog Clubs & Responsible Dog Owners, Inc.
Mabel M. Diamond, 860-251-5931,

Delaware Dog Owners Association
David Lawson, 302-632-3848,

Florida Association of Kennel Clubs
Judy Seltrecht, President, 813-843-5145,

Georgia Canine Coalition
Gail LaBerge, 770-271-7246,

Pacific Pet Alliance
Lynn Muramaru, President, 808-542-9581
Charlee Abrams, Secretary, 808-742-9537

Idaho Dog Coalition
Wyoma Clouss, 208-345-5197,

Illinois Federation of Dog Clubs and Owners
Steve Hayden, President,
Michele Kasten, Vice President,

Indiana Purebred Dog Alliance
Laura Hooser,

Kansas Federation of Dog Clubs
Patricia Deshler,
Lori Neer,

Federation of Maine Dog Clubs and Responsible Dog Owners
Nancy Daniels, (207) 288-3943,

Responsible Dog Owners of Maryland, Inc.
Mary Lou Olszewski, President –
Bekki Pina, Corresponding Secretary –
Maryland Dog Federation
Adrianne Lefkowitz, 301-693-2256,

Massachusetts Federation of Dog Clubs & Responsible Dog Owners

Michigan Association for Pure-Bred Dogs
Bob Darden,, 734-476-1791
Kim Cochran, 810-984-1977,
Protect MI Dogs
Karen Palmer, Secretary,

Mississippi Canine Coalition
Leah Harris,
Linda Chance, Legislative Chair,

Missouri Federation of Animal Owners
Karen Strange, 573-480-2389,

New Hampshire
Dog Owners of the Granite State
Elin Phinizy,

New Jersey
New Jersey Federation of Dog Clubs
Linda Deutsch, Legislative Chairperson, 908-996-4009,
Jeffrey Ball, President, 201-689-1323,

New York
Responsible Dog Owners Association of New York
Ann Lettis, 917-603-5358,,
Associated Dog Clubs of New York State, Inc.
Joan Janssen,

North Carolina
North Carolina Federation of Dog Clubs
Steve Wallis, 919-782-2558,

Ohio Valley Dog Owners
Norma Woolf, 513-932-3176,

Oklahoma Animal Interest Alliance
Denise Travis, 405-818-5666,

National Animal Interest Alliance
Patti Strand, 503-761-1139,

Pennsylvania Federation of Dog Clubs
Darin Cox, President,
Bettina Sterling, Secretary,

Responsible Pet Owners Alliance
Mary Beth Duerler, 210-822-6763,

Vermont Federation of Dog Clubs
President, Mary McFaun,
Vice President, Pam Parshall,
Secretary, Bette (Cookie) Mac,
Treasurer, Jennifer Adsit,

Virginia Federation of Dog Clubs & Breeders
Mariane Herndon,
Sharyn Hutchens,
Alice Harrington,

Dog Federation of Wisconsin