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My AKC – My Dogs and Litters

Maintain your dog, litter and puppy records with the AKC Service!

Do you need a centralized area to maintain dog and litter records online?

Would being able to quickly print pre-filled AKC Dog Ownership Record, Breeding Record, and Litter Records forms make your life easier?

Would you like to view official AKC litter and puppy registration data, including registration information on ALL of the puppies from your AKC registered litters?

Are you interested in a place to store addresses and telephone numbers of your co-owners and puppy buyers?

You can do all this and more using AKC Services.


And the best news is it’s FREE for all AKC breeders. Try it today!


  • View, create, and maintain breeder records.
  • View AKC litter and puppy registration information.
  • View and manage puppy records.

 Start Maintaining Your Records by