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Expert Advice: Senior Dog Health Recognizing Behavioral Changes in Senior Dogs
  Just like the humans who care for them, dogs are susceptible to numerous age-related issues, which can result in a decline in function. Things like memory, awareness, sight, and hearing can deteriorate as a result of aging. But unlike their owners, dogs can’t easily express what’s going on inside their bodies; they need an […] | June 12, 2017
Expert Advice: Senior Dog Health Preventing Obesity in Senior Dogs
Like the humans who care for them, dogs are not exempt from the battle of the bulge; they, too, struggle with weight gain and the health problems that come along with carrying around extra pounds. “Dogs of all ages can suffer from severe health problems when carrying excess weight,” says Adria Lafferty, master trainer at […] | June 12, 2017
Expert Advice: Natural Foods Can Dogs Eat Pork?
  Eating meat is very natural for dogs, so it’s no surprise when they’re looking toward their owner wanting to share what’s on the plate. Because of a dog’s carnivorous nature, owners don’t usually second-guess whether giving their dog some meat is a good idea, they just do it. With commercially prepared foods containing ingredients […] | May 31, 2017
Expert Advice: Natural Foods Can Dogs Eat Corn?
  As summer approaches, so does the season for grilling and backyard barbecues. For the next few months, the variety of smells from all the delicious foods served is enticing to us and also to our four-legged friends. Foods such as corn, both on and off the cob, are summertime staples and, chances are, your […] | May 25, 2017
Expert Advice: General Health What Every Dog Owner Should Know When It Comes to Anesthesia
Every day, pets across the country are undergoing some sort of procedure; whether it’s routine or an emergency that requires anesthesia, owners know it’s all a part of the process. But just like for humans, there's a risk to "going under," and it’s important to be aware of potential complications, to know what questions to […] | March 24, 2017
Expert Advice: Did You Know? What Was the Schipperke Bred To Do
This foxy-faced breed dates back to the 1600s, but its popularity didn’t emerge until the late 1800s in the households of Belgium. They made their first appearance in a dog show in 1880, and from that point on the Schipperke was exported throughout the world. Bred in Flanders, the Dutch-speaking northern portion of Belgium, the […] | January 31, 2017

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