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2020 AKC US Detection Dog Conference

2020 AKC US Detection Dog Conference

November 20, 2020

The AKC Detection Dog Task Force invites you to learn more about the AKC Patriotic Puppy Program (PPP) and updates on phase 2 of this detection dog puppy raising program.

The online event will take place Wednesday, Nov. 4th at 7:30pm ET.

Program features include:

  • Meet expert trainer Stacey West, the new Manager of AKC’s Patriotic Puppy Program
  • Updates on the Patriotic Puppy Program and new educational resources for participants
  • New emphasis and information about raising dogs for a variety of detector backgrounds  — and options for placement
  • Learn how you can participate in this newly redesigned program

*Please find a recording of this online event here:

AKC’s Patriotic Puppy Program: Program Updates and a Conversation with Stacey West 

*Please find Questions & Answers from this Webinar: Q&A_Final