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March Chairman’s Report


Chairman's Report - March 2010

-- AKC Award Programs Recognize Outstanding Contributions of Both People and Dogs --

Just like the recent Academy Awards, AKC has its own awards programs to recognize the contributions and notable deeds among our dogs and our people.

The AKC Outstanding Sportsmanship Award – founded in 2006 – recognizes the hard work and dedication of our volunteer club members. Each year, the AKC provides an Outstanding Sportsmanship medallion to be awarded based on criteria that a member club selects. Once a recipient has been selected we add their name to the list of winners on the AKC website.

Another distinguished award – established in 1998 – is the Lifetime Achievement Award. These awards recognize those who have spent a majority of their lives dedicated to the sport and to the dogs. Past honorees have included dog world greats such as Dorothy Nickles, Rachel Page Elliot, Dr. M. Josephine Deubler, Michelle Billings and Jane Forsyth, just to name a few.

Only AKC member clubs are able to cast a vote for this award. For the first time this year, we have distributed the initial round of ballots to member clubs via e-mail. We ask that you please submit your choices for nominees by May 7th. Clubs may submit one nominee in each of three categories: Conformation, Companion Events and Performance.

Three nominees receiving the most votes in each category will be selected as finalists. Later in the year member clubs get to chose the winner in each category. We look forward to your continued participation in this selection process.

Finally, the award program where we receive the most amazing, heart-felt stories continues to be our AKC Humane Fund Awards for Canine Excellence or "ACE" awards. For the 11th year we will be selecting dogs that have performed exemplary acts in one of five categories: Companion, Law Enforcement, Search and Rescue, Service, and Therapy.

Heroes, like dogs, come in all shapes and sizes. ACE nominees range from skilled assistance dogs to brave law enforcement K-9s, as well as comforting therapy dogs. Each year when we review all of the ACE nominations, it becomes clear the increasingly important role dogs play in our day-to-day lives as well as to protect and serve our nation.

We encourage you to nominate a dog that has touched a life in some way or made the world a better place. The new deadline for submission is June 1st. For more information about ACE or any of AKC’s award programs please visit We look forward to recognizing the people and dogs that have touched our lives.


Ron Menaker

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