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November Chairman’s Report


November Chairman's Report

-- New AKC Canine Partners Program Welcomes Mixed-Breed Dogs into the World of AKC --

For the past 125 years, the American Kennel Club® has been the only organized group of dog lovers providing millions of purebred dogs and their owners with engaging, lasting and just plain fun ways to celebrate the canine-human bond. AKC programs span the entire spectrum–from highly competitive events to basic training, from funding research that advances canine health to returning lost dogs home safely– the overall well-being of dogs is the theme that runs consistently throughout all our efforts.

Purebred enthusiasts, by sharing their love of dogs with each other, have sprouted thousands of dog clubs throughout the country. These club members, a dedicated group of volunteers who rally around common goals promoting responsible breeding and dog ownership are the rich soil that all AKC programs grow and thrive from.

Now, we are pleased to be able to extend many of the benefits of AKC affiliation to a whole new audience–mixed breed owners. These millions of dog lovers will now be able to do more with their pets by enjoying the excitement of canine competition and accessing a myriad of other AKC resources and services.

I hope you will join me in encouraging the mixed-breed dog owners that you know to and enroll in AKC Canine Partners. For the $35 enrollment fee, owners will receive benefits including AKC CAR lifetime enrollment, a free AKC collar tag, and a one-year subscription toAKC Family Dog magazine. Come next spring they can participate in stand-alone Agility, Obedience and Rally events. By providing these services to dog owners we can help educate them about living better lives with their dogs, and by including a certificate of recognition and decal with their enrollment, we can enable them to proudly display their association with an organization that stands for responsible dog ownership and canine welfare.

So far, the program is being enthusiastically embraced by the fancy with more than 300 AKC-affiliated clubs–Upper Snake Valley Dog Training Club, Inc. in Idaho being the first–having applied to include mixed-breed classes in an upcoming event. Equally encouraging are the more than 1,150 dogs that have already enrolled in just the first month of the program.

Please help us extend the welcome mat to our mixed-breed friends by encouraging enrollment in AKC Canine Partners and by adding mixed-breed classes to your club’s upcoming stand-alone companion events. The program will bring many like-minded people together– those who share our passion for dogs and our commitment to responsible dog ownership, those with the power and desire to contribute to their communities via locally-based clubs and those who embody the AKC mission of being a powerful voice that is "the dog’s champion" in every way.


Ron Menaker

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