Chairman's Reports

September Chairman’s Report


September Chairman's Report

The American Kennel Club offers a variety of educational resources promoting responsible dog ownership. Whether you are a long-time breeder or just getting started in the sport we encourage you to take advantage of our informational offerings.  

For a comprehensive educational experience, try one of the AKC/Canine Health Foundation Breeders Symposiums. Last month in Branson, MO more than 70 attendees, comprised of breeders from all levels of experience, attended our most recent symposium. The next symposium will be the Ohio State University Breeders' Symposium in Columbus, Ohio on November 11 and 12. Visit for more information about this and other upcoming events. Breeders can also subscribe to the quarterly AKC Breeder newsletter as well as access an abundance of helpful information on our web site at:

But the educational opportunities don’t stop after whelping. Each breeder has a chance to reach out to the new puppy buyer about the benefits of responsible dog ownership.   Breeders can look to the AKC for value-added resources to give to the new puppy owner as they take home that bundle of puppy joy.

Every breeder of AKC-registered dogs knows the benefit of AKC registration, including the option of 60 days of complimentary pet insurance, a certificate for a complimentary veterinary examination, coupons, the AKC new puppy handbook and knowing that registration dollars are funding canine health research, public education and fighting for the rights of responsible breeders and dog owners.  AKC’s message is clear - registration dollars promote responsible dog ownership.

As part of this month’s fourth annual AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Day, AKC brings that message to life with the AKC Responsible Dog Owner “Pet Promise.” This “Top 10” list for responsible dog ownership serves as a reminder to both novice and veteran dog owners that raising a healthy dog is more than just playtime. It is also training, grooming, exercise and veterinary care.

AKC invites all dog owners to review and sign the AKC Responsible Dog Owner “Pet Promise” electronically. Breeders can print out the attractive one-page color “Pet Promise” scroll and slip it into their new puppy owners’ take-home packet of information. 

As part of AKC’s Responsible Dog Ownership Day more than 350 clubs and organizations are holding their own events throughout the month of September nationwide. Go to to sign or print the “Pet Promise” and find an event near you.

Our goal is to provide you with the tools you need and together the AKC and the fancy can make the greatest impact on the lives of dogs by making it a priority to educate those who care for them.


Ron Menaker

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