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AKC Library Vertical Files

Sports Illustrated Library News Clippings files


Processed by Brynn White, 2016


The Sports Illustrated Library News Clippings files are comprised of dog-centered subject files originally assembled as a reference resource for journalists working for the popular sports magazine between the early 1950s and 1990s. Articles chronicle all manner of dog-related subjects from dog show coverage to human interest stories. Breed, notable dog, and organization (chiefly AKC parent and member club) files are arranged alphabetically.

Further Details

This collection is composed of news clippings files created and maintained by the Sports Illustrated Library. This library provided reference services to journalists working for the sports-centered Time Inc. (formerly Time-Life) publication, published in its familiar iteration since 1954. As the clippings date back to the early 1950s, the library and its work assembling these subject files likely started sometime around the magazine’s initial publication.

The files cover specific subjects (such as medicine, training dogs, oddities, travel, and more), notable dogs (articles are filed alphabetically by name, with some specific files on individual dogs), breeds, and coverage of dog shows and other activities by AKC clubs and international organizations (with many specific files on individual associations, and other clippings in loose alphabetical arrangement by organization name).

Articles were clipped from not only Sports Illustrated, but the New York Times, New York Herald-Tribune, Christian-Science Monitor, Time, Life, Sporting News, and other national and regional publications.

Pamphlets are also interspersed amongst the files. These and other contents may pre-date the 1950s.


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