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3 linear ft in 5 boxes

Processed by Norma Rosado-Blake, 2006. Revisions by Craig P. Savino, 2011 and Brynn White, 2016.



The documents the activities and output of the club devoted to the sporting breed. A large assemblage of newsletters and publication, including catalogues, premium lists, and pictorials of top-winning dogs dominate the collection. Also present are the club constitution and articles of incorporation, color snapshots from dog shows and trials, video recordings of national specialty shows dating back to its first in 1994, and a series of pedigrees and photographs for titled and other notable dogs.


The collection is arranged into 5 series based on format and/or content:

  1. Club Administration, 1986-1996
  2. Publications, 1986-2002
  3. National Specialty Show Photographs, 1999-2000
  4. Audiovisual Materials, 1994-1996
  5. Titled and Notable Dogs, 1939-1975

Club History

As one of only five American-bred breeds, the American Water Spaniel has had official recognition from the AKC since 1940. The American Water Spaniel Breeder’s Association (AWSBA) was the breed’s first parent club, which was formed in the 1930s but was inactive for almost 30 years after World War II. However, beginning in 1985 the American Water Spaniel Club (AWSC) took on the role as the parent club for the breed.

The first meeting of the AWSC was held in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, on 23 February 1985. Vaugh Brockman lead the first meeting with guidance and historical context about the breed. Those in attendance felt the formation of the club was necessary for the following reasons: to “improve the breed; share and disseminate information; get together and enjoy our dogs; record individual dogs’ accomplishments; promote the AWS in field trials; make decisions regarding their status as retrievers or flushing spaniels; and gather enough dogs for the show ring.” In addition to these issues, they also elected temporary officers including, John Hattram, president; Carolyn Kraskey, vice president; Sue Liemohn, Secretary-Treasurer; Tom Olson, Corresponding Secretary.

For the next several years, the club worked diligently to gain recognition from the AKC. And in response, the AKC accredited the club to hold Plan B (OB) matches in May 1990. Further advancement for the club occurred in June of 1993 when it was accredited to hold Plan A (OA) matches. Finally, in October 1993, the club was licensed to hold specialty shows. It held its first national specialty show on 12 August 1994, where Ch. Waterway’s Bodee-O-Do, WDX won Best of Breed. Judge Dorothy MacDonald described the dog as “a lovely size, sound as he could be. Beautiful type, lovely tail, good topline, carried it well, moving and standing.” The club was eventually elected as a member of the AKC in December 1996.

During the 1990s, the AWSC was challenged with mounting opposition from another club, the American Water Spaniel Field Association. According to the AWSC newsletter, its purpose, among other things, was the advancement of the breed. In fact, the AWSFA asked for recognition to hold hunting tests, but in response, John V. Carroll, AKC Director of Operations stated, “The breed is presently represented by the American Water Spaniel Club, and there is little possibility of a second national club being recognized to represent the same breed.” The issue of who would represent the breed was settled.


A gift from Linda Ford, President (2006) on behalf of the American Water Spaniel Club, Inc.


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