Frequently Asked Questions by Veterinarians in the AKC Veterinary Network

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My contact information has changed. How can I get this corrected on the AKC web site?
Answer: We will revise your contact information as soon as we receive the changes. Email the changes to or click here or call 919-816-3717.

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What else does AKC do for the veterinary community?
Answer: Through the Veterinary Outreach program, AKC provides a variety of resources for veterinary practices. Our staff travels to numerous veterinary schools and conferences every year to educate on issues concerning purebred dogs. AKC helps future veterinarians and veterinary technicians by awarding annual scholarships. The AKC Canine Health Foundation funds research into a variety of canine health problems. The AKC Companion Animal Recovery program provides 24-hour recovery services for pets that are identified with a microchip, tattoo, or AKC CAR collar tag.

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What services do the AKC Veterinary Network certificates cover?
Answer: Customers may only redeem the certificate for the initial office visit (also referred to as the examination fee). It cannot be used for vaccinations, medications, X-rays or procedures.

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I have a long-time client who has purchased a second dog. May he or she use his or her certificate at my practice?
Answer: Yes - the certificates may be used for new clients or existing clients with new dogs.

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How can my staff be certain that the certificate is being used for the correct dog?
Answer: Every certificate is printed with the puppy's registration number, registered name, color/markings, sex, and microchip number (if applicable). We encourage your staff to make sure the puppy matches the information on the certificate. An example of the certificate is attached below.

Redeem for a complimentary office visit.

Dog Name: 

Registration #: 

Date of Birth: 





Expiration Date: 

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How long do clients have to use the certificate?
Answer: The certificates may be redeemed for 60 days from the date that the puppy is registered with the AKC. The expiration date will appear on the certificate.

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I would like to order more educational materials for my office. How do I do that?
Answer: There is an easy online order form located on our web site. Just fill it out with your contact information and indicate the desired materials. Orders are usually filled within one week.

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Why is there a limit on the materials that we can receive?
Answer: The AKC supplies materials for numerous veterinary offices, clubs, schools and public events. We are constantly revising materials to make sure they have the most up-to-date information. We try to be fair to make sure all groups receive enough materials and the most recent information.

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I no longer wish to participate in the program. How do I opt-out from the network?
Answer: Practices may opt out at any time by going to the Program Opt-Out form and entering their information. If you do not have access to e-mail, then you must send a letter to Director of Veterinary Services American Kennel Club, 8051 Arco Corporate Drive, Suite 100, Raleigh, NC 27617-3390. When opting out of the program, your practice's contact information will be removed from the website, and you will no longer be eligible to receive free educational materials. Per the original agreement, your practice must honor certificates issued prior to your opt-out date. AKC Veterinary Network certificates are valid for 60 days after the date of the dog's registration. The expiration date will be printed on the certificate.

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