AKC Veterinary Network

AKC Veterinary Network Program Overview

The AKC Veterinary Outreach Program is excited about our newest effort to support the veterinary community: The AKC Veterinary Network. The program consists of a resource center and a marketing component.

Educate Your Practice and Clients

Your practice may sign up to participate in the AKC Veterinary Network, free of charge, by providing AKC with your facility’s contact information. As a participant in the AKC Veterinary Network, your practice will receive a complimentary, renewable set of outstanding AKC educational materials for your practice and your clients, including:

  • AKC's STAR Puppy® and Canine Good Citizen® educational programs
  • AKC purebred dog posters for your waiting or exam rooms
  • Other informative pieces about the AKC and dog registration
  • AKC’s Canine Partners Program (for mixed breed dogs and dogs that cannot be registered)

After signing up for the AKC Veterinary Network, your practice will receive a "Starter Kit" of AKC educational materials, which can be refreshed at any time, free of charge.

Gain New Clients

AKC distributes certificates to recent AKC registrants. These certificates can be redeemed at your practice for a complimentary first office visit. Your practice will be featured in a searchable listing on the AKC website, which is visited by 1.6 million different individuals each month. Recent AKC registrants in your area can search this listing, locate your practice, visit your practice to redeem their certificate, and give you the opportunity to acquire a new client for life. By providing a complimentary first office visit to the owner of an AKC registered dog, you have the opportunity to meet and develop a life-long professional relationship with a loyal and conscientious client.

Terms and Agreements

Participation in the AKC Veterinary Network entitles your veterinary practice to:

  • A renewable supply of educational materials, at no cost to the participating practice.
  • A listing of your practice's name, address, phone number and website (if applicable), and special information about your practice (optional) on the AKC website, indicating that your practice is a member of the AKC Veterinary Network. Your listing will be searchable by zip code and mile radius and will appear on the AKC website.
  • Exposure to recent AKC registrants in your area who are looking for veterinary care.
  • Continued supply of AKC educational materials.
  • A complimentary 1-year subscription to the AKC Family Dog Magazine - http://www.akc.org/pubs/familydog/

Your practice will agree to honor the AKC Veterinary Network Certificates presented by recent AKC - registrants. Each certificate will be redeemable for a first office visit only and excludes any vaccines, x-rays, medications, and/or procedures. Recent registrants may only redeem their certificate for the AKC-registered dog indicated on the certificate and may only redeem one certificate per practice. The cost of the AKC registrant's office visit is the sole responsibility of your practice and is not eligible for reimbursement by AKC.

If the program is terminated or if you voluntarily remove your practice from the program, you agree to honor certificates that were issued by AKC up to 60 days prior to the date of termination/removal.

Your participation in the program shall not imply, suggest or represent any sponsorship, endorsement or, approval, by AKC, and you agree to take no action, which would suggest such. You shall be solely responsible for any legal liability arising out of or relating to your veterinary services. You agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless AKC against all claims, actions or proceedings, including but not limited to expenses, costs and attorneys' fees, arising out of or based on your participation in this program and your veterinary services.

For more information please visit AKC's Veterinary Outreach program.