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Title Recognition Program


You can literally feel the anticipation in the air as the dogs line up and wait for a Flyball relay race to begin. As soon as the gun fires, each dog dashes over a line of low hurdles to reach a box. Once there, they use their paws to push a spring-loaded pad and release a tennis ball into the air that they catch and bring back to their handlers. Once back to the starting line, the next dog takes his turn.

In partnership with the North American Flyball Association (NAFA), AKC recognizes three titles: Flyball Dog Champion (FDCH), Flyball Master (FM); and ONYX. Owners can request these titles be recognized on their dog’s AKC record by completing a simply Title Application.

To get started be sure to obtain a registration or listing number for your dog.

In order for dogs to receive a title, owners must have a dog number in our records so the titling information can be recorded.  See the types of numbers available and which one best fits your situation.

  • AKC Registration Number  -This number is provided to a dog owner via a registration certificate received from the previous owner or via a puppy registration paper given to the new owner by the breeder.
  • Purebred Alternative Listing Number (PAL)  If a dog is purebred but an AKC Registration Number is not possible owners can apply for PAL number.
  • Foundation Stock Service® (FSS) Number, This number is used for breeds whose status is currently in the foundational stage of being recorded into our registry and requires a copy of the dog’s pedigree.
  • AKC Canine Partners Number –  This number is given to either mixed breed dogs or a purebred.