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The process for becoming a judge begins by attending a Herding seminar taught by an AKC field representative. At the seminar, a Judges Application form will be handed out. It is the responsibility of the applicant to fill out the form as eligibility requirements are completed. Once all requirements have been met, the application form and a signed Judge’s Affirmation form should be mailed to the Performance Events Department, 8051 Arco Corporate Drive, Suite 100, Raleigh, NC 27617. Upon verification of the information provided, the person will receive a judge’s number, their name will appear in the Judges Online Directory on the AKC web site, and they will be approved to judge a licensed Herding Test or Trial.

Current Requirements (1/1/13)

Prior to Judging Any Class in a Test or a Trial

Minimum Age: 21

Seminar: Yes – For first assignment, must have attended within the past 18 mths.

Written Test: Yes – score 85%+. Test is administered at seminar.

Sport Experience: Five years of herding experience inc. work with dogs and stock.

Handling Experience: Must have trained and handled two dogs that have earned an AKC Herding Excellent (HX) title

Prior to Judging a Herding Test

There are three levels in Herding Tests

  • Herding Instinct (Certificate)
  • Herding Tested (HT)
  • Pre-Trial Tested (PT)
  • Apprenticeship: Prior to being allowed to judge at each test level, a person must apprentice judge or serve as a judge’s scribe at that level at least three times.

Prior to Judging a Herding Trial

  • There are three course types in Herding trials
    • Course A
    • Course B
    • Course C
    • Course D
  • Apprenticeship: Prior to being allowed to judge on each course type, a person must apprentice judge or serve as a judge’s scribe on that course at least three times under different judges.

To Maintain Ability to Judge

Seminars: Required to attend a seminar every 4 years.

Written Test: Yes, pass the test given at the seminar.

Frequency of Judging: No requirements