Six Easy Ways to 100% Registration


Download the Six Easy Ways to 100% Registration flyer.


1.Full Litter PLUS
A new application that combines the benefits of the original Full Litter form with added options - Allows breeder to individually register all the puppies in the litter at the time of litter registration for a discounted price. This assures that all puppies have been registered and ownership has been recorded.

  • Register all puppies in either the name of the breeder or in the name of the new puppy owner.
  • If a dog name has not been selected - leave that section blank and AKC will contact the new owner for the puppy's name.
  • Ensure dogs you breed carry your kennel name.
  • Ensure dogs you breed have been designated Full or Limited


2. Full Litter Plus Offspring
Gives breeders who have already registered their litters with the AKC a second opportunity to individually register all puppies in the litter at a discounted price. All the benefits and options of the original Full Litter Plus form (see above) apply to the Offspring form.


3. Time of Sale Registration Application
Breeders assist their new puppy owners in filling out the registration application and collect a $30.00 check (made payable to AKC) when the new puppy owner picks up their puppy. The breeder then submits both to AKC.


4. Time of Sale Online Registration
Breeders go online with their new puppy owner at the time of puppy pick-up and help them complete the registration.


5. Traditional Registration Process
Breeders give the signed application to the new puppy owner at time of pick-up and follow-up with them on the importance of registering their dog.


6. Unregistered Dog Program
Add the individual puppy information and new owner information in the AKC's online Record Keeping system -- -- or submit your litter record to the AKC by mail or fax. The new owners will then be contacted by AKC and reminded to register their new puppy.