Special Registry Services

For the complete requirements for eligibility, please visit the Special Registry Services booklet on the Rules and Regulations page.

Dogs imported into the U.S. may be eligible for registration in the AKC Stud Book, provided:

  1. The imported dog is of a breed eligible for individual registration in the AKC Stud Book.
  2. The imported dog was registered in country of birth with a Foreign Registry Organization listed in Section IV of this pamphlet. Note: If the dog was imported to another foreign country before coming into the US we would require a copy of the pedigree from both the birth country and the interim country.
  3. The AKC application form is accompanied by a legible photocopy of a complete official three-generation Pedigree and certification from the Foreign Registry Organization. The dog must have an unrestricted registration. Note: The complete 3 generation pedigree would require names & numbers for all dogs listed. In the case that both parents are already AKC registered they may omit the pedigree, but must still submit a copy of the Registration Certificate.
  4. The AKC application and the foreign registration must reflect identical ownership.
  5. The dog has been positively and permanently identified (microchip or tattoo) prior to being registered.
The items listed below must be submitted for the AKC to consider registration (this information is also printed on the form):
  1. The properly completed application, signed in ink.
  2. The $100.00 registration fee, payable in U.S. funds – do not send cash.
  3. A clear and legible photocopy of the original Certificate of Registration indicating the dog's registry and owner of record - do not send the original certificate.
  4. A clear and legible photocopy of the three-generation Certified Pedigree (or Export Pedigree, where applicable). If both the sire and dam of the dog identified on the application are AKC registered, print the AKC registration number of the sire and dam in the appropriate spaces on the front of the application. In this case, you may omit the copy of the Certified Pedigree. Do not send the original pedigree.
  5. All foreign dogs being registered with the AKC are required to have positive identification. This section of the application must be completed to show: a) the type of identification (tattoo, microchip, DNA profile), b) the identifying information and its location on the dog, and c) the registry recording the identifying information. The identification may be done after the dog is in the United States, but prior to AKC registration.
  6. Two three-by-five-inch color photographs, providing close-up front and side views of the dog in a standing position, are required
A list of acceptable registries can be found here.

Answers to more questions can be found here.

The Foreign application can be downloaded here:


Note: We are providing the list of foreign and domestic registries from the Special Registry Services booklet.

Argentina / Australia / Austria / Bahamas / Barbados / Belarus / Belgium / Bermuda / Bosnia-Herzegovina / Brazil / Bulgaria / Canada / Chile / China / Colombia / Costa Rica / Croatia / Cyprus / Czech Republic / Denmark / East Africa / Ecuador / El Salvador / Estonia / Finland / France / Gibraltar / Germany / Greece / Guatemala / Hong Kong / Hungary / Iceland / India / Indonesia / Ireland / Israel / Italy / Japan / Jamaica / Latvia / Lithuania / Luxembourg / Malaysia / Macedonia / Malta / Mexico / Moldova / Monaco / Netherlands / New Zealand / Norway / Pakistan / Panama / Paraguay / Peru / Philippines / Poland / Portugal / Puerto Rico / Romania / Russia / San Marino / Singapore / Slovakia / Slovenia / South Africa / South Korea / Spain / Sri Lanka / Sweden / Switzerland / Taiwan / Thailand / Trinidad / Ukraine / United Kingdom / Uruguay / Venezuela / Yugoslavia / Zimbabwe


Federacion Cinologica Argentina
Moreno 1325
C 1091 ABA Buenos Aires


ACT Canine Association Inc.
PO Box 815
Dickson 2602, Australian Capital Territory

Australian National Kennel Council
PO Box 760
Fortitude Valley 4006, Queensland

The Canine Association of Western Australia
P.O. Box 1404
Canning Vale 6970, Western Australia

Canine Control Council (Queensland)
P.O. Box 495
Fortitude Valley 4006, Queensland

Kennel Control Council of Tasmania
P.O. Box 116
Glenorchy 7010, Tasmania

The N.S.W. Canine Council
P.O. Box 632
St Marys 1790, New South Wales

North Australian Canine Association Inc.
P.O. Box 37521
Winnellie 0821, Northern Territory

South Australian Canine Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 844
Prospect East 5082, South Australia

Victorian Canine Association, Inc.
Locked Bag K9
Cranbourne 3977, Victoria

Greyhounds Only

The * Australian and New Zealand Greyhound Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 239
Springvale 3171, Victoria


Österreichischer Kynologenverband
Siegfried Marcus - Strasse 7
2362 Biedermannsdorf


The Bahamas Kennel Club
P.O. Box N-9870
Nassau, Bahamas


The Barbados Kennel Club
PO Box 344
Bridgetown, Barbados BB11000


Belorussian Cynological Union
P.O. Box 532
220050 Minsk


Société Royale Saint-Hubert
Avenue Albert Giraud, 98
1030 Bruxelles


The Bermuda Kennel Club
P.O. Box HM 1455
Hamilton, HM FX


Unija Kinoloskih Saveza Bosne - Hercegovine
Petrakijina 24
71000 Sarajevo


Confederação Brasileira de Cinofilia
Rua Newton Prado
n° 74, Sao Cristovao
RJ - Cep: 20 930 - 440
Rio de Janeiro


Bulgarian Republican Federation of Cynology
Str. Hristo Belchev 12, floor 3
1000 Sofia


The Canadian Kennel Club
200 Ronson Drive, Suite # 400
Etobicoke, Ontario, M9W 5Z9


Kennel Club de Chile
Dr. Manuel Barros Borgoño
236 Of. 1201 - 1204


China's National General Kennel Club
3-104 Zhongyang Gongguang Zijunting, Yizhuang Jingji Jishu
Kaifaqu, Beijing, China 100176
Phone: 011-86-1067897972
Email: services@ngkc.org


Asociación Club Canino Colombiano
Calle 121A #52-23


Asociación Canófila Costarricense
Apartado 593
1002 Paseo de Los Estudiantes
San Jose


Hrvatski Kinološki Savez
Ilica 61
10000 Zagreb


Cyprus Kennel Club
44 Vassiliou Voulgaroktonou
flat 3 & 4, 1010 Lefkosia


ČeskoMoravská Kynologická Unie
U Pergamenky 3
CZ - 170 00 Praha 7


Dansk Kennel Club
Parkvej 1, 2680 Solrod Strand


East Africa Kennel Club
P.O. Box 14223, Sports Road
Westlands, Nairobi


Asociación Ecuatoriana de Registros Caninos
Calle Azuay E2-81 y Av. República

Asociacion Canofila Salvadorena
83 Av South Passage "A" #18
Colonia Escalon, San Salvador
El Salvador



Estonian Kennel Union
Eesti Kennelliit
Siili 21-100
EE-13422 Tallinn


Finska Kennelklubben r.y.
Kamreerintie 8
02770 Espoo


Société Centrale Canine
155, Avenue Jean-Jaures
93535 Aubervilliers Cedex


Gibraltar Kennel Club
PO Box 493


Verband für das Hundewesen e.V.
Postfach 10 41 54
44 041 Dortmund

Affenpinschers, Miniature Pinschers, Miniature, Standard and Giant Schnauzers Only
Pinscher-Schnauzer-Klub 1895 e.V.

Afghan Hounds, Borzoi, Greyhounds, Irish Wolfhounds, Italian Greyhounds, Pharaoh Hounds, Salukis, Scottish Deerhounds and Whippets Only.
Deutscher Windhundzucht-und Rennverband e.V.

Afghan Hounds Only
Deutscher Afghanen Rassezuchtclub 1988 e.V.

Akitas, Alaskan Malamutes, Norwegian Elkhounds, Samoyeds, Siberian Huskies, Finnish Spitz and Shiba Inu Only
Deutscher Club für Nordische Hunde e.V.

Akitas Only
Akita Club e.V.

American and English Cocker Spaniels Only
Cocker Club Deutschland e.V.

American Staffordshire Terriers Only
American Staffordshire Terrier Club e.V.

Basenjis Only
Basenji Klub Deutschland von 1977 e.V.

Basset Hounds Only
Basset-Hound-Club von Deutschland e.V.
Basset-Hound-Freunde Deutschland e.V.

Beagles Only
Beagle Club Deutschland e.V.

Belgian Malinois Club e.V.
Deutscher Malinois Club e.V.

Belgian Sheepdogs, Belgian Malinois and Belgian Tervuren Only
Belgische Schäferhunde Berlin e.V.
Deutscher Club für Belgische Schäferhunde e.V.

Bernese Mountain Dogs Only
Deutscher Club für Berner Sennehunde e.V.
Schweizer Sennehund-Verein für Deutschland e.V.

Bloodhounds Only
Saint Hubert Bloodhound-Club von Deutschland e.V.

Boston Terriers Only
Club für Boston-Terrier in Deutschland e.V.

Bouviers des Flandres Only
Bouvierfreunde e.V.
Kranzes 4
Heinsberg, GERMANY 52525

Deutscher Bouvier-Club von 1977 e.V.

Boxers Only
Boxer-Klub e.V.
Internationaler Boxer-Club e.V.

Briards Only
Briard Club Deutschland e.V.
Club für Französische Hirtenhunde e.V.

Bull, American Staffordshire, Miniature Bull and Staffordshire Bull Terriers Only
Deutscher Club für Bullterrier e.V.
Gesellschaft der Bullterrier Freunde e.V.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Only
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club Deutschland e.V.
Internationaler Club für Cavalier King Charles Spaniel e.V.

Chihuahuas Only
Chihuahua-Club e.V.
Chihuahua-Klub Deutschland e.V.

Chinese Shar-Pei Only
Deutscher Shar-Pei Club 1985 e.V.
Club für Exotische Rassehunde e.V.

Chow Chows Only
Allgemeiner Chow-Chow-Club e.V.
Chow-Chow-Club in Deutschland e.V.

Collies Only
Deutscher Collie-Club e.V.

Collies, Shetland Sheepdogs, Old English Sheepdogs, Pembroke and Cardigan Welsh Corgis and Bearded and Border Collies Only
Club für Britische Hütehunde e.V.

Dachshunds Only
Deutscher Teckleklub 1888 e.V.

Dalmatians Only
Club für Dalmatiner-Freunde e.V.
Dalmatiner Verein Deutschland e.V.
Deutscher Dalmatiner-Club Von 1920 e.V.

Doberman Pinschers Only
Dobermann-Verein e.V.

English Bulldogs Only
Allgemeiner Club fur Englishe Bulldogs e.V.

English Setters Only
English-Setter-Club Deutschland e.V.

English Springers and English Cockers Only
Verein Jagdgebrauchsspaniel e.V.

Fox Terriers Only
Deutscher Foxterrier-Verband e.V.

French Bulldogs Only
Internationaler Klub für Französische Bulldoggen e.V.

German Shepherds Only
Verein für Deutsche Schäferhunde (SV) e.V.

German Shorthaired Pointers Only
Deutsch-Kurzhaar-Verband e.V.

German Wirehaired Pointers Only
Verein Deutsch-Drahthaar e.V.

Golden Retrievers Only
Golden Retriever Club e.V.

Gordon Setters Only
Gordon-Setter-Club Deutschland e.V.

Great Danes Only
Deutscher Doggen Club 1888 e.V.
Kynologische Gesellschaft für Deutsche Doggen e.V.

Irish Setters Only
Irish Setter Club Deutschland e.V.

Keeshonden and Pomeranians Only
Verein für Deutsche Spitze e.V.

Komondorok, Kuvaszok and Pulik Only
Klub für Ungarische Hirtenhunde e.V.

Kuvaszok Only
Kuvasz Freunde e.V.
Kuvasz-Vereinigung Deutschland e.V.

Labrador Retrievers Only
Labrador Club Deutchland e.V.

Lhasa Apsos and Tibetan Terriers Only
Internationaler Club für Lhasa Apso und Tibet Terrier e.V.
Spezialclub für Tibet Terrier und Lhasa Apso e.V.

Lhasa Apsos, Tibetan Terriers and Tibetan Spaniels Only
Internationaler Klub für Tibetische Hunderassen e.V.

Löwchen Only
Löwchenclub Deutschland e.V.

Maltese Only
Deutscher Malteser-Club e.V.
Malteser Club Deutschland e.V.

Maltese, Pugs, Papillons, Schipperkes, Shih Tzu, Bichons Frises, Chihuahuas and Löwchen Only
Verband Deutscher Kleinhundezüchter e.V.

Mastiffs and Bullmastiffs Only
Club für Molosser e.V.

Mastiffs Only
The Old English Mastiff Club Deutschland e.V.

Newfoundlands Only
Deutscher Neufundländer Klub e.V.
Verein von Neufundländer-Freunden und Züchtern in Deutschland e.V.

Old English Sheepdogs Only
Deutscher Old English Sheepdog Club e.V.

Papillons Only
Papillon & Phalene-Club Deutschland e.V.
Seilandstr 23
Seim i.W., GERMANY 59379

Parson Russell Terriers Only
Parson Russell Terrier Club Deutschland e.V.

Pekingese, Japanese Chin and King Charles (English Toy) Spaniels Only
Internationaler Club für Japan-Chin, Peking-Palasthunde und King-Charles-Spaniel 1920 e.V.

Pekingese Only
Deutscher Pekingesen-Club von 1987 e.V.

Petits Bassets Griffons Vendéens Only
Club Basset Griffon Vendéen e.V.
Verein für Französische Laufhunde e.V.

Pointers and English, Irish and Gordon Setters Only
Verein für Pointer und Setter e.V.

Pointers Only
Deutscher Pointerclub e.V.

Polish Lowland Sheepdogs Only
PON Club e.V.
Allgemeiner Klub für Polnische Hunderassen e.V.

Poodles Only
Allgemeiner Deutscher Pudelclub (ADP) e.V.
Deutscher Pudel-Klub e.V.
Pudel-Zucht-Verband 82 e.V.
Verband der Pudelfreunde Deutschland e.V.

Pulik Only
Deutscher Puli Klub e.V.

Retrievers: Chesapeake Bay, Golden, Labrador, Curly-Coated and Flat-Coated Only
Deutscher Retriever Club e.V.

Rhodesian Ridgebacks Only
Rhodesian Ridgeback Club Deutschland e.V.
Lowenhund Deutschland-Rhodesian Ridgeback e.V.
Lonseck 9
Burgwedel, GERMANY 30938

Deutscher Züchtergemeinschaft Rhodesian Ridgeback e.V.

Rottweilers Only
Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler-Klub e.V.

Saint Bernards Only
Bernhardiner Club Deutschland e.V.

St. Bernhards-Klub e.V.

Shih Tzu Only
Internationaler Shih-Tzu Club e.V.

Siberian Huskies Only
Siberian Husky Club Deutschland e.V.

Spaniels: Clumber, American Cocker, English Cocker, Field, English Springer, American and Irish Water, Sussex and Welsh Springer Only
Jagdspaniel-Klub e.V.
Spaniel-Club Deutschland e.V.

Terriers - Airedale, Australian, Bedlington, Border, Boston, Cairn, Dandie Dinmont, Irish, Kerry Blue, Lakeland, Manchester, Norfolk, Norwich, Parson Jack Russell, Scottish, Sealyham, Silky, Skye, Soft Coated Wheaten, Welsh, West Highland White and Yorkshire Only
Klub für Terrier e.V.

Weimaraners Only
Weimaraner Klub e.V.

Whippets Only
Whippet Club Deutschland 1990 e.V.

Wirehaired Pointing Griffons Only
Griffon Club e.V.

Yorkshire Terriers Only
Deutscher Yorkshire-Terrier-Club e.V.
Club für Yorkshire Terrier e.V.


Kennel Club of Greece
P.O. Box 51 957
145 65 Agios Stefanos


Asociación Canofila Guatemalteca
16 calle 3-32, zona 10


Raad Van Beheer op Kynologisch Gebied in Nederland
Postbus 75901
Emmalaan 16-18
1007 AX Amsterdam-Z


Hong Kong Kennel Club
3rd Floor, 28B Stanley Street, Central


Magyar Ebtenyesztok Orszagos Egyesulete
Tetenyi ut 128/b-130
1116 Budapest


Icelandic Kennel Club
Sioumula 15
108 Reykjavik


The Kennel Club of India
Old Nr 89, New Nr 28, AA-Block, 1st street
600 040 Anna Nagar, Chennai


All Indonesia Kennel Club
Roxy Mas Blok D 111/28
J1.K.H.Hasyim Ashari
Jakarta 10150


The Irish Kennel Club
Fottrell House
Harold's Cross Bridge
Dublin 6W

Greyhounds Only
Irish Coursing Club
(Comdt. J.M. Fitzpatrick)
Davis Road


Israel Kennel Club
P.O. Box 10555
52005 Ramat Gan


Ente Nazionale Della Cinofilia Italiana
Viale Corsica 20
20137 Milano


Japan Kennel Club, Inc.
1-5 Kanda, Suda-cho, chiyoda-ku
Tokyo 101-8552


The Jamaica Kennel Club
73 Lady Musgrave Road
Kingston 10


Latvijas Kinologiska Federacija
Daugavgrivas str., 6
Riga, LV-1007


Lietuvos Kinologu Draugija
Maciuleviciaus g. 53
2050 Vilnius


Union Cynologique Saint Hubert du Grand Duche de Luxembourg
B.P. 69


The Malaysian Kennel Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 303, Jalan Sultan
Petaling Jaya


Kennel Association of the Republic of Macedonia
Krcin str. 8
P.O. Box 728


Malta Kennel Club
54, Rue D'Argens
Msida MSD 05
Tel/Fax 011 356 21 34
Email: Info@maltakennelclub.org


Federacion Canofila Mexicana A.C.
Apartado Postal 22-535
14001 Mexico, D.F.


Moldavian Kennel Union
Uniunea Chinologica Din Moldova
Str. Armeana 30 office 103 "B"
Chisinau, MD 2061
Republic of Moldova
Tel: 011-373-22 270383
Fax: 011-373-22 271897


Societe Canine de Monaco
Avenue d'Ostende 12
Palais des Congres
98000 Monte Carlo


The New Zealand Kennel Club, Inc.
Prosser Street
Private Bag 50903
Porirua 6220


Norsk Kennel Klub
Nils Hansensvei 20
Box 163, Bryn
0611 Oslo


Kennel Club of Pakistan
P.O.BOX: 3871
Clifton Karachi 75600


Club Canino de Panama
Apartado 6
4791 El Dorado, Panama


Paraguay Kennel Club
Casillo de Correo 1809
c/ Mc Arthur, La Franconi 4353
Tel. 00 595 / 21.608.595
Fax. 00 595 / 21.608.595
E-mail: paraguaykennelclub@gmail.com
E-mail: pkc@personal.net.py


Kennel Club Peruano
Av. Benavides 712 Of. 202
PO Box 18-0320
Lima 18 PERU


The Philippine Canine Club, Inc.
P.O. Box 649
Greenhills 1502


Zwiazek Kynologiczny w Polsce
Nowy-Swiat 35
Warszawa, ul. 00-029


Clube Portuges de Canicultura RUA FREI CARLOS 7
1600-095 LISBON


Federación Canófila de Puerto Rico
P.O. Box 13898, Santurce Station
San Juan, PR 00908-3898


Asociatia Chinologica Romana
Of. P. 1 Cas. p. 78, Arad
Str. Virful cu Dor. Nr. 39


Russian Kynological Federation
P.O. Box 35, RKF
Moscow, 123424


Kennel Club San Marino
Via F. Fiori, 27
47895 Domagnano
Republica de San Marino


The Singapore Kennel Club
Suite 1102, 12th Floor
170, Upper Bukit Timah Road


Slovenska Kynologicka Jednota
Stefanikova 10
811 05 Bratislava


Kinoloska Zveza Slovenije
1000 Ljubljana
Ilirska 27


The Kennel Union of Southern Africa
P.O. Box 2659
Cape Town 8000


Korea Kennel Federation
5F, 252-23
Yongdu-dong, Dongdaemun-gu


Real Sociedad Canina de Espana
C/Lagasca, 16 - Bajo Dcha
Madrid - 28001


The Kennel Association of Sri Lanka
19, Race Course Avenue
Colombo 7


Svenska Kennelklubben


Schweizerische Kynologische Gesellschaft
Postfach 8363
3001 Bern


Kennel Club of Taiwan
471, Dai Chang 2nd Road
Kaohsiung TAIWAN R.O.C.


The Kennel Club of Thailand
9/338 Soi Km. 25
Phaholyothin Road
Salmai, Bangkok 10220


The Trinidad & Tobago Kennel Club
P.O. Box 737


Ukrainian Kennel Union
Central Department
Rognidynska Str. 3
01004, Kyiv


The Kennel Club
1-5 Clarges Street
Piccadilly, London W1Y 8AB

Border Collies Only

International Sheep Dog Society
Clifton House
47 Bromham Road
Bedford, MK40 2AA

English Foxhounds Only

Masters of Foxhounds Association
Parsloes Cottage

Greyhounds Only

National Coursing Club
16 Clocktower Mews New Market
Suffolk CB8 8LL

Harriers and Beagles Only

Association of Masters of Harriers and Beagles
(John Kirkpatrick)
Horn Park, Beaminster, Dorset, DT8 3HB

Otterhounds Only

Dumfriesshire Otterhounds
Captain John Bell-Irving, Master
White Hill, Hoddan, Lockerbie
Dumfriesshire DG11 1AL

The Otterhound Club
Purlieu Dene, Forest Road, Hale Fordingbridge
Hampshire SP6 24P


Kennel Club Uruguayo


Federacion Canina de Venezuela
Apartado 88665
Caracas 1080-A


Jugoslovensky Kinolosky Savez
Alekse Nenadovica 19-23
YU - 11000 Beograd


The Zimbabwe Kennel Club
P.O. Box BE 61


Special Registry Services
Section 5: List of Domestic Registries

Field Dog Stud Book (All AKC registrable sporting breeds - other than Irish Setters).

The American Field Publishing Company
542 South Dearborn Street
Chicago, IL 60605

International Foxhunters' Stud Book (IFB)

Chase Publishing Company
P.O. Box 55090
Lexington, KY 40505
email: chasepubl@aol.com

Masters of Foxhounds Association (MFA)

Masters of Foxhounds Association of America
PO Box 363
Millwood, VA 22646

National Beagle Club of America (NBC)

National Beagle Club of America
130 County Road 513
Frenchtown, NJ 08825

National Greyhound Association (NGA)

National Greyhound Association
P.O. Box 543
Abilene, KS 67410

North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association (NAVHDA)
(AKC registrable Sporting Breeds - other than Irish Setters)

North American Versatile Hunting Dog Association
P.O. Box 520
Arlington Heights, IL 60006-0520

Society for the Perpetuation of the Desert Bred Saluki

Society for the Perpetuation of the Desert Bred Saluki
1313 East Circle Mountain Ridge Road
New River, AZ 85087-7583

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