New Exhibitor Mentoring Program

Program Introduction

The AKC New Exhibitor Mentoring Program is designed to help recent registrants of AKC dogs or those thinking about getting an AKC registered dog meet experienced dog fanciers and breeders to assist them in getting started. These seasoned handlers and exhibitors will share their expertise with those expressing an interest in entering the exciting world of AKC competition.

How it works:
When you submit a signed application we will send you a list of qualified mentors located in your state. These mentors have the experience necessary to get you started regardless of what breed you have. They will provide you with such tools as:

  • Basic Dog Show/Event Etiquette
  • Dog Show/Event Judging Procedures
  • Understanding Common Show/Event Terms
  • Types of Events
  • How to Fill Out An Entry Form
  • How to join a dog club in your area

Mentoring has a long history with AKC and relationships developed this way have often lasted lifetimes. Who knows, perhaps some day it will come full circle and you will be mentoring a new exhibitor in the years to come!

Required reading for Mentees:
Safety Do’s and Don’ts