Kids' Corner

How Are You a Responsible Dog Owner? Kid's Corner Art Contest Winners

Round 1 Judging – through July 2012

(Enter our Fall Art Contest, judged in conjunction with AKC Responsible Dog Ownership Days! Learn more about the art contest and AKC RDO Days.)

6-8th Grade Winners:

1st Place: Nicole, 8th Grade, Kapolei, HI -- "Going to the vet"
2nd Place: Nicola, 6th Grade, San Marcos, CA


3rd-5th Grade Winners:

1st Place: Breanna, 5th Grade, Longview, WA -- "Bath time"
2nd Place: Chesney, 4th Grade, Bethpage, TN
3rd Place: Jordan, 4th Grade, Orlando, FL


K-2nd Grade Winners:

1st Place: Gigi, 2nd Grade, Terrell, TX -- "Taking my dog a bath"
2nd Place: Chelsea, 2nd Grade, Broken Bow, NE
3rd Place: Addison, 1st Grade, Orlando, FL