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Courage, speed, agility, strength.

This breed needed all these characteristics to hunt wolves, fox and rabbits across the plains of Russia. That's what it was originally bred to do.

This striking tall, elegant sighthound who is known today to be quiet in the house as a pet and appreciated for its gentle, dignified manner could catch a wolf, pin it down with its powerful jaws and hold it until the arrival of the 19-century huntsmen, who usually freed the wolf back into the forest.

Because it's a sighthound, this breed relies upon its eyes, rather than its nose, to chase game. When this dog speeds up, its long tail drops. It uses its tail for balance, especially when changing direction.

This graceful, sound runner is good at lure coursing, an AKC event in which a hound chases after a lure of three plastic bags speeding over a course, or track.

This breed is large and heavier-coated than the Greyhound. Its long, silky coat can be straight, wavy or curly. It is usually white with another color, such as lemon, tan, gray or black.

Responsible dog owners don't let their dogs run loose, regardless of what breed they are. Especially since this breed is a sighthound and is likely to chase anything that moves, its National Breed Club says this breed should always be kept in a fenced area and never be allowed to run loose.

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