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My breed is playful, loving and hardworking member of the AKC Sporting group of dogs.

You can count on me as a true friend anytime, anyplace, and I am highly respected for the jobs I can do. I often work as a guide dog for the blind or physically disabled, a search and rescue dog or as a dog who sniffs out illegal drugs.

According to AKC registration numbers, I am the most popular breed of dog.

My breed originated from the original "St. John's" water dogs of Newfoundland - rugged dogs who worked alongside the fishermen of Newfoundland, helping them pull in nets and even catching fish that escaped from fishing lines. Over the years my breed developed into the retrievers we are today.

We are strongly built and muscular in the hindquarters. We have short, thick water-resistant coats that are either black, yellow or chocolate colored. Our tails are wide at the base, taper to a point and are covered with thick, short (not feathery) hair.

What breed am I?