Kids' Corner

How Does Your Dog Express His or Her Mood to You? Kid's Corner Art Contest Winners

Round 2 Judging – through November 2011

(Stay tuned to for the 2012 Art Contest!)

6-8th Grade Winners:

1st Place: Mariah, 8th Grade, Savona, NY -- "I Want To Play"
2nd Place: Frances, 6th Grade, Granite City, IL
3rd Place: Gabby, 6th Grade, Granite City, IL


3rd-5th Grade Winners:

1st Place: Ashley, 5th Grade, Northridge, CA -- "Let’s Play!"
2nd Place: Abbey, 3rd Grade, Bryson City, NC
3rd Place: Mariah, 5th Grade, Campbell, NY


K-2nd Grade Winners:

1st Place: Kylie, 2nd Grade, Edmond, OK -- "Kylie Wants to Play"
2nd Place: Sean, 1st Grade, Oxford, PA