Kids' Corner

How Are You a Responsible Dog Owner? Kid's Corner Art Contest Winners

Round 2 Judging – through November 2012

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6-8th Grade Winners:

1st Place: Mackenzie, 8th Grade, Myrtle Grove Middle School – "I Am A Responsible Dog Owner"
2nd Place: Tiffany, 6th Grade, Suzanne Middle School – "Puppy Love"
3rd Place: Noah, 8th Grade, Isle of Hope – "Me and My Dog Playing Frisbee"


3rd-5th Grade Winners:

1st Place: Isabel, 3rd Grade, Menlo Park – "My Perfect Pet"
2nd Place: Reilly, 3rd Grade, William Southern – "Blowing bubbles with Brie"
3rd Place: Kasia, 4th Grade, Homeschool – "The Outside Walk"


K-2nd Grade Winners:

1st Place: Cindy, 1st Grade, Little Fish Art Studio – "My puppy Angel"
2nd Place: Jada, 2nd Grade, Gill Hall Elementary – "Teaching Agility"
3rd Place: Jennifer, 1st Grade, Irving Primary School – "My little puppy"