Becoming a Canine Ambassador

Canine Ambassadors contribute to their clubs' public education efforts by making presentations usually to groups of children in classrooms or other venues. Often Ambassadors bring their AKC-registered, PAL/ILP or AKC Canine Partner dog to the presentation.

Once you decide you want to become a Canine Ambassador, contact the AKC Public Education department, and we will send you a sign-up sheet. Fill it out, have a club officer sign it, then return it. Canine Ambassadors must be members in good standing of an AKC-affiliated club. As a Canine Ambassador, you represent your club; you are not a direct representative of the AKC.

We will add your name to a state-by-state directory of Ambassadors, and send you a Canine Ambassador starter kit and a copy of your state Canine Ambassador directory to help you network with other Ambassadors.

The AKC mails Canine Ambassador directories to teachers and educators upon request at no charge. These directories can help you establish contact with people interested in the program.

"You'll be amazed at how rewarding our Canine Ambassador visits are. The thank-you letters and the pictures will bring tears to your eyes. Zelda (my Dalmatian) and I have been visiting schools for more than six years, and we both still enjoy it immensely."
-- Marilyn Dromgoole, Dalmatian Club of America

If you are interested in becoming a Canine Ambassador, please download a sign-up form. Remember, we require the signature of a club officer, so we can not accept this form electronically.

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