FAQs for the Canine Ambassador Program

Following is a list of frequently asked questions about the Canine Ambassador program. If you have a question that is not addressed here, please contact the Public Education department directly at publiced@akc.org.

1) What is a Canine Ambassador?
A Canine Ambassador is an AKC-affiliated club member who goes into the community to educate children about responsible dog ownership, canine safety and a variety of other canine-related topics. Canine Ambassadors usually make presentations to children in schools or youth programs, such as Boy Scouts or the Boys and Girls Club. Canine Ambassadors usually make presentations with their dogs.

2) Can a club have more than one Canine Ambassador?
Yes, an AKC-affiliated club can have as many Canine Ambassadors as necessary. Some AKC-affiliated clubs have five or six Ambassadors, and many work in pairs or groups.

3) How do I sign up?
Download a sign-up form. You can also email at publiced@akc.org to request a form.

4) How do I order materials for my presentations and events?
Please visit the Ordering Materials section.