FAQs for the Canine Ambassador Program

Following is a list of frequently asked questions about the Canine Ambassador program. If you have a question that is not addressed here, please contact the Public Education department directly.

1) What is a Canine Ambassador?

A Canine Ambassador is an AKC-affiliated club member who goes into the community to educate children about responsible dog ownership, canine safety and a variety of other canine-related topics. Canine Ambassadors usually make presentations to children in schools or youth programs, such as Boy Scouts or the Boys and Girls Club. Canine Ambassadors usually make presentations with their dogs. All Canine Ambassadors receive periodic mailings from the Public Education department that contain reproducibles. These reproducibles are fun word games or matching games that emphasize the importance of responsible dog ownership, canine safety or the sport of purebred dogs.

2) Can a club have more than one Canine Ambassador?

Yes, an AKC-affiliated club can have as many Canine Ambassadors as necessary. Some AKC-affiliated clubs have five or six Ambassadors, and many work in pairs or groups.

3) What is the difference between a Canine Ambassador and a Public Education Coordinator?

A PEC is an appointed officer within an AKC-affiliated club. A Canine Ambassador is a club member who makes presentations, usually to children, about responsible dog ownership and canine safety. Often the PEC and Canine Ambassador work together. For example, a PEC may present the Safety Program to school children while the Canine Ambassador demonstrates the instructions with her dog. A club may only appoint one PEC but may appoint as many Canine Ambassadors as it chooses.

The Public Education department sends emails to its Canine Ambassadors to assist them with their outreach efforts. These emails include reproducibles with children's games and puzzles. The department also produces a bimonthly newsletter filled with public education ideas and updates. Sign up for the newsletter.

4) How do I contact a school to set up a presentation?

After you sign up to become a Canine Ambassador, the Public Education department will send you a starter kit in the mail. This kit contains a wealth of information about the program, how to build relationships with area schools and youth groups and copies of past reproducibles that will give you topic ideas. If you do not have children, ask your neighbors, friends and fellow club members where their children attend school. Contact the school principal to find out the best way to set up a program. Don't forget to use your fellow Canine Ambassadors as resources as well.

5) How do I sign up?

Download a sign-up form. You can also email at publiced@akc.org to request a form.

6) How do I notify the AKC when my address changes?

You can either e-mail, publiced@akc.org, call us at 212-696-8228 or fax us at 212-696-8345. Please let us know when you move or switch clubs. We want to keep your Canine Ambassador information up to date so we can keep your mailings coming and provide your contact information to teachers in your area who request a copy of our Canine Ambassador directory.

7) How do I order materials for my presentations and events?

Please visit the Ordering Materials section.