Stillwater, OK Canine Experience

On Saturday, September 20, new owners of AKC-registered breeds and their dogs participated in the first AKC Canine Experience in Stillwater, Oklahoma.

The new dog owners gathered at the Animal Science Arena to learn about the many activities available to the owners of AKC-registered purebred dogs. Breed clubs hosted a program to teach participants about various breeds. Members of local breed clubs taught participants about grooming, conformation show handling, Junior Showmanship, and Obedience and Rally events. Local club volunteers and their dogs also demonstrated Agility skills.

The morning of instruction was followed by an AKC-sanctioned B match that helped participants practice their newly-learned dog-showing skills.

Governor Brad Henry also declared this date Responsible Dog Ownership Day, so there were many fun activities for children and their dogs!

The AKC Canine Experience couples longtime and seasoned AKC club members with new purebred dog owners. The event helps mentor new exhibitors and shares the joys and opportunities that participation in AKC events provides families and their valued pets.

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