Community Achievement Award

Community Achievement Award Honorees

The Public Education and Government Relations Division grants this award four times per year to honor exemplary public education and canine legislation efforts.

Honorees receive a certificate of recognition, and their club or federation receives $1,000 to further public education and strengthen canine legislation efforts within their community. Nominations are accepted throughout the entire year and awards are granted once every quarter.

2014 Third Quarter: German Shepherd Dog Club of Southern NH
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of America
Waukesha Kennel Club
Second Quarter: Upper Potomac Valley Kennel Club
  First Quarter: Pioneer Valley Kennel Club
Tracy Sanderson

2013 Fourth Quarter: Black Hills Dog Training Club
Northwest Obedience Club
Trap Falls Kennel Club
  Third Quarter: Colleen Douglas
  Second Quarter: Jeffrey Ball
  First Quarter: Colorado Federation of Dog Clubs
Stone City Kennel Club

2012 Fourth Quarter: Northeastern Indiana Kennel Club
Northeastern Maryland Kennel Club
Spokane Kennel Club
  Third Quarter: Leigh Valley Kennel Club
Obedience Training Club of Wichita Falls
  Second Quarter: Bob Eisele
Rosemary Redditt
  First Quarter: The Delaware County Kennel Club
Pasco Florida Kennel Club, Inc.

2011 Fourth Quarter: Concho Kennel Club
Council Bluffs Kennel Club
Savannah Kennel Club
  Third Quarter: Donna Herzig
Barbara Wicklund
  Second Quarter: Miniature Schnauzer Club of Northern California
Donald C. Stuart
  First Quarter: Borzoi Club of America
Cindy Bundy

2010 Fourth Quarter: Black Hills Dog Training Club
Lake Cumberland Kennel Club
Northeastern Maryland Kennel Club
  Third Quarter: Tom Freeman
Margaret Silverthorn
  Second Quarter: Lawrenceville Kennel Club
Belle-City Kennel Club
  First Quarter: Bayou Kennel Club
Tom and Barbara Bishop
Bismarck Kennel Club

2009 Fourth Quarter: Lake Cumberland Kennel Club
Rogue Valley Kennel Club
Western Carolina Dog Fanciers Association
  Third Quarter: Lynne Clements
Illinois Capital Kennel Club
Danita Slattin
  Second Quarter: Penn Ridge Kennel Club
Lori Finlayson
Bakersfield Obedience Training Club
  First Quarter: Anne Humphreys
Boca Raton Dog Club
Olympic Kennel Club

2008 Fourth Quarter: Greenville Kennel Club
Trap Falls Kennel Club
Upper Potomac Valley Kennel Club
  Third Quarter: Lyons Township Dog Training Club
Linda D. Witouski
Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club
  Second Quarter: Ann McGloon
Elaine Shoe-Ezell
Suzanne E. Benchoff
  First Quarter: Delaware County Kennel Club
Illini Great Dane Club
Lexington Kennel Club

2007 Fourth Quarter: Oconee River Kennel Club
Susque-Nango Kennel Club
Rapid City Kennel Club
Florence Blecher, Irish Water Spaniel Club of America (Honorable Mention)
  Third Quarter: Everglades Golden Retriever Club
Detroit Kennel Club
Joseph Foster
  Second Quarter: Putnam Kennel Club
Gloucester County Kennel Club
Bernie and Donna Thompson
  First Quarter: Janet DiNitto
Andrew D'Ambrose
Northern Neck Kennel Club

2006 Fourth Quarter: Oshkosh Kennel Club
Lake Cumberland Kennel Club
Greater Panama City Dog Fanciers Association
Rapid City Kennel Club (Honorable Mention)
Huntsville Obedience Training Club (Honorable Mention)
  Third Quarter: Cheryl Costello
Pamela Duke & Carol Linger
Mary Manning
  Second Quarter: Ed Peterson
Holly Stump
Donna and Bill Welty
  First Quarter: Antelope Valley Kennel Club

2005 Fourth Quarter: Lucille Perry
Carol Jo Stuart
  Third Quarter: Gail LaBerge
Julie Slobodnjak
  Second Quarter: John Fredericks
Patte Klecan
  First Quarter: Charlotte McGowan
Port Chester Obedience Training Club
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2004 Fourth Quarter: Whidbey Island Kennel Club
Walla Walla Kennel Club
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  Third Quarter: Florida Association of Kennel Clubs
The Long Island Coalition of Dog Fanciers
Siberian Husky Club of Greater Cleveland, Inc., Ohio
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  Second Quarter: Alliance of Responsible Pet Owners of Northeast Florida
Central Beagle Club
Springfield Kennel Club
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  First Quarter: Kathleen Holland
American Belgian Tervuren Club
Collie Club of Northern New Jersey
Princeton Dog Training Club
Lenape Tracking Club of Central New Jersey
Responsible Pet Owners Alliance
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