Resource Materials

The Public Education department offers brochures, books, educational kits and fliers that contain popular AKC responsible dog ownership messages or games and activities for children. Read below for the appropriate heading for more information.


Order brochures through the AKC Customer Service department by calling, e-mailing or mailing in your request. Please include the six-digit code listed with each brochure. The American Kennel Club reserves the right to limit quantities of ordered materials.

AKC Customer Service
8051 Arco Corporate Drive, Suite 100
Raleigh, NC 27617-3390
phone: 919-233-9767

Books and Posters

Here are three items that are wonderful tools in educating children about the world of dogs. The links below will take you to more information on each item in the AKC Online Store.

The New Complete Dog Book

The best selling dog book of all time, The New Complete Dog Book includes photographs, history, and the official standard for every breed admitted to AKC registration.

AKC Breed Identification Guide

A portable version of our popular breed poster, the AKC Breed ID Guide is designed to help you identify AKC's recognized breeds. This pocket-sized, laminated guide has colorful illustrations and provides the breeds' parent club websites' conveniently at your finger tips!

AKC Breeds Poster

A full-color 25" x 38" wall poster, The AKC Guide to Purebred Dogs features more than 145 breeds currently registered by the AKC and is a useful reference tool for schools, libraries, veterinarians, shelters and anyone interested in purebred dogs.

Reproducibles for Adults and Children

The Public Education department has a variety of fliers that are now available for you to download, print as many copies as you would like and distribute as needed.

Educators may use these reproducibles in the classroom. AKC Public Education Coordinators and Canine Ambassadors use these materials as handouts in their classroom presentations and also copy and post them in appropriate community areas such as grocery store bulletin boards or pet-supply stores.

Reproducibles for Adults

Reproducibles for Children