Middle School Lesson Plans


The AKC designed the middle school lesson plans to complement middle school subject areas such as language arts, mathematics, technology and information skills, civics and art. These lesson plans expand the AKC's curriculum to sixth, seventh and eighth graders. We hope these plans will serve as a base to help you teach middle schoolers about responsible dog ownership, purebred dogs and our sport.

Six lesson plans, each including easy-to-print worksheets, explore three important themes. Each lesson plan is designed to stand-alone or be used in sequence along with the other complementary plans. Please note, each lesson plan includes its affiliated worksheets. The worksheets are also listed separately in case you need to print extras.

Getting a Best Friend

Drawings by Jacklyn
Grade 8, Wisconsin

Lesson Plan: Deciding if Dog Ownership is Right For You

(Language Arts)
Worksheet: Is Your Family Ready for a Dog?
Worksheet: Doggie Time!

Lesson Plan: The Cost of Owning a Dog

(Language Arts, Technology/Information Skills)
Worksheet: Cost of Owning a Dog

Lesson Plan: Choosing Your Dog

(Mathematics, Language Arts)
Worksheet: My Ideal Dog
Worksheet: The Best Breed for You

Canine Legislation

Lesson Plan: Dog Parks

(Civics, Language Arts, Art)
Worksheet: Rules for a Responsible Dog Park
Worksheet: Designing a Dog Park

Lesson Plan: Breed-specific Legislation

(Civics, Language Arts)
Worksheet: Judge the Deed, not the Breed


Lesson Plan: Careers in Dogs

(Career Development, Language Arts)
Worksheet: Going to the Dogs
Worksheet: Interview Questionnaire

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