Elementary School Lesson Plans (K-6)


The American Kennel Club® designed the lesson plans below to specifically meet the needs of the kindergarten through sixth grade students. The lesson plans cover a wide range of topics such as responsible dog ownership, learning how to interact safely with dogs and learning about different careers with dogs. PECs and Canine Ambassadors can adapt each lesson plan to meet their specific needs. A list of materials, a suggested procedure and a list of discussion questions are provided as well.

Lesson Plan


Dogs in our Community

To illustrate the importance of service dogs within the community. To demonstrate how these dogs help people every day.

Basic Care for Canines

To teach children how to properly care for their dogs.

Safety Around Dogs

To teach children how to properly greet a dog and to teach safety tips when and if they should encounter a loose dog.

Obedience, Agility and CGC Test

To teach children the importance and value of a well-trained dog, and to encourage dog owners to earn CGC certification.

Dog Shows and Jr. Showmanship

To introduce children to a conformation show and provide information about junior showmanship.

Careers in Dogs

To teach children about the many different types of careers involving dogs.

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