Lesson Plans


We are pleased to offer several lesson plans for Canine Ambassadors and Public Education Coordinators to take into schools, 4-H groups or childcare programs. These lesson plans are suitable for teachers and educators to use as well in their classrooms and programs.

Each lesson plan contains four sections: an objective, a materials list, guidelines for presentation and suggested questions designed to spark discussion with the children. We've also suggested answers to keep discussions on track. Use what works best for you, and feel free to change or adapt any of our suggestions as you see fit.

We hope these plans will serve as a base to help you teach children about responsible dog ownership, purebred dogs and our sport.

Note: Canine Ambassadors are listed in the Canine Ambassador Directory, available upon request to any teacher. Teachers are encouraged to contact the nearest ambassador to arrange a presentation.

As a Canine Ambassador, it is not necessary to wait for a school to contact you. You can make the first move by finding out if your local schools are using the Best Friends program and offering to come in to make a presentation. The easier you make it for a teacher to contact you, the more likely you will be invited to visit.