Community Achievement Award Honorees


The Communication Department grants this award four times per year to honor exemplary public education and canine legislation efforts.

Honorees receive a certificate of recognition, and their club or federation receives $1,000 to further public education and strengthen canine legislation efforts within their community. Nominations are accepted throughout the entire year and awards are granted once every quarter.

First Quarter: Pioneer Valley Kennel Club
Fourth Quarter: Greater Panama City Dog Fanciers' Association, Spokane Kennel Club, The McKinley Kennel Club
Fourth Quarter: Nebraska Kennel Club, Savannah Kennel Club, Trap Falls Kennel Club
Third Quarter: German Shepherd Dog Club of Southern NH
Staffordshire Bull Terrier Club of America
Waukesha Kennel Club
Second Quarter: Upper Potomac Valley Kennel Club
First Quarter: Pioneer Valley Kennel Club
Tracy Sanderson
Fourth Quarter: Black Hills Dog Training Club
Northwest Obedience Club
Trap Falls Kennel Club
Third Quarter: Colleen Douglas
Second Quarter: Jeffrey Ball
First Quarter: Colorado Federation of Dog Clubs
Stone City Kennel Club
Fourth Quarter: Northeastern Indiana Kennel Club
Northeastern Maryland Kennel Club
Spokane Kennel Club
Third Quarter: Leigh Valley Kennel Club
Obedience Training Club of Wichita Falls
Second Quarter: Bob Eisele
Rosemary Redditt
First Quarter: The Delaware County Kennel Club
Pasco Florida Kennel Club, Inc.
Fourth Quarter: Concho Kennel Club
Council Bluffs Kennel Club
Savannah Kennel Club
Third Quarter: Donna Herzig
Barbara Wicklund
Second Quarter: Miniature Schnauzer Club of Northern California
Donald C. Stuart
First Quarter: Borzoi Club of America
Cindy Bundy
Fourth Quarter: Black Hills Dog Training Club
Lake Cumberland Kennel Club
Northeastern Maryland Kennel Club
Third Quarter: Tom Freeman
Margaret Silverthorn
Second Quarter: Lawrenceville Kennel Club
Belle-City Kennel Club
First Quarter: Bayou Kennel Club
Tom and Barbara Bishop
Bismarck Kennel Club
Fourth Quarter: Lake Cumberland Kennel Club
Rogue Valley Kennel Club
Western Carolina Dog Fanciers Association
Third Quarter: Lynne Clements
Illinois Capital Kennel Club
Danita Slattin
Second Quarter: Penn Ridge Kennel Club
Lori Finlayson
Bakersfield Obedience Training Club
First Quarter: Anne Humphreys
Boca Raton Dog Club
Olympic Kennel Club
Fourth Quarter: Greenville Kennel Club
Trap Falls Kennel Club
Upper Potomac Valley Kennel Club
Third Quarter: Lyons Township Dog Training Club
Linda D. Witouski
Salisbury Maryland Kennel Club
Second Quarter: Ann McGloon
Elaine Shoe-Ezell
Suzanne E. Benchoff
First Quarter: Delaware County Kennel Club
Illini Great Dane Club
Lexington Kennel Club
Fourth Quarter: Oconee River Kennel Club
Susque-Nango Kennel Club
Rapid City Kennel Club
Florence Blecher, Irish Water Spaniel Club of America (Honorable Mention)
Third Quarter: Everglades Golden Retriever Club
Detroit Kennel Club
Joseph Foster
Second Quarter: Putnam Kennel Club
Gloucester County Kennel Club
Bernie and Donna Thompson
First Quarter: Janet DiNitto
Andrew D'Ambrose
Northern Neck Kennel Club
Fourth Quarter: Oshkosh Kennel Club
Lake Cumberland Kennel Club
Greater Panama City Dog Fanciers Association
Rapid City Kennel Club (Honorable Mention)
Huntsville Obedience Training Club (Honorable Mention)
Third Quarter: Cheryl Costello
Pamela Duke & Carol Linger
Mary Manning
Second Quarter: Ed Peterson
Holly Stump
Donna and Bill Welty
First Quarter: Antelope Valley Kennel Club
Fourth Quarter: Lucille Perry
Carol Jo Stuart
Third Quarter: Gail LaBerge
Julie Slobodnjak
Second Quarter: John Fredericks
Patte Klecan
First Quarter: Charlotte McGowan
Port Chester Obedience Training Club
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Fourth Quarter: Whidbey Island Kennel Club
Walla Walla Kennel Club
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Third Quarter: Florida Association of Kennel Clubs
The Long Island Coalition of Dog Fanciers
Siberian Husky Club of Greater Cleveland, Inc., Ohio
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Second Quarter: Alliance of Responsible Pet Owners of Northeast Florida
Central Beagle Club
Springfield Kennel Club
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First Quarter: Kathleen Holland
American Belgian Tervuren Club
Collie Club of Northern New Jersey
Princeton Dog Training Club
Lenape Tracking Club of Central New Jersey
Responsible Pet Owners Alliance
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