AKC Video Library: Sports and Activities

Our videos on AKC Sports and other activities for you and your dog.


Dogs in Team Sports - 1971

From the AKC archives, "Dogs in Team Sports" presents various canine activities. *The audio is damaged and silenced in 2:12 - 9:13.


Flyball Demo

Flyball is one of the few team sports for dogs. It is for all dogs, including mixed-breeds.


Corgi Agility

All breeds can enjoy the fun sport of Agility! Learn how to get involved at www.akc.org/events/agility/


Frisbee Fun

Who doesn't love playing Frisbee? Even dogs can be pros! Check out these amazing disc dogs.


Dock Diving

Get started in the sport of dock diving with your dog! The sport is open to ALL dogs and is a fun and exciting activity.


The Fun of Rally

We caught up with competitors at the first AKC Rally® National Championship to hear their thoughts about the sport of AKC Rally®.


The Teamwork of AKC Obedience

Learn why competitors at the 2014 AKC National Obedience Championship love working with their dogs, how to get started and watch the action!