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AKC To Acknowledge Titles Earned In North America Diving Dogs Events

(Tuesday, June 03, 2014)

New York, NY –The American Kennel Club® (AKC®) will now recognize titles earned by dogs competing in events sanctioned by North America Diving Dogs (NADD), an independent governing body for canine dock diving. NADD offer two types of competition for all dogs -- distance jumping and air retrieve.

“NADD events are an exciting activity that can be enjoyed by all purebreds and mixed breeds. The AKC is pleased to now be able to acknowledge the achievements of all dogs in this sport,” said Doug Ljungren, AKC Vice President of Sports and Events.

“North America Diving Dogs strives to promote the sport of canine dock diving in a setting that is convenient, safe and enjoyable for all dogs and owners,” said Debbie Markwardt, President of NADD. “We welcome all dog owners to try out dock diving. We know you’ll enjoy the camaraderie and fun!”

In the distance jumping competition, there are two classes -- Open Class (any size dog welcome) and the Lap Class (for dogs under 16” at the withers). A division title is earned by accumulating five qualifying jumps within one division. There are five divisions ranging from Novice to Elite. After earning the initial division title, dogs can earn Advanced and Excellent level titles by completing additional qualifying jumps.

In the Air Retrieve competition, a dog and handler team earns one qualifying grab towards a division title based on their longest grab in the Air Retrieve. Like distance jumping, a division title is earned by accumulating five qualifying grabs within one division, and there are five divisions ranging from Novice to Elite. Additional Advanced and Excellent titles can be earned with additional qualifying grabs.

Rules governing NADD events, the complete titling requirements and information about how to sign up to host a NADD event can be found here. Specifics about the NADD/AKC titling program and the AKC title application form can be found in the AKC Title Recognition Program section of the AKC website.

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