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5 Ways to Deal with Your Dog's Shedding

(Tuesday, April 29, 2014)

No matter what kind of coat your dog has, it's inevitable that you'll find loose fur around your house when your four-legged friend is shedding. Here are 5 tips to make the cleanup easier:

  • A good brush. There are many types of brushes and the one you need depends on your dog's coat type. For example, a natural-bristle brush works best for short coats, a comb for long coats, and a pin brush for double coats and heavy shedders. You can ask your groomer or veterinarian for recommendations. Also, keep a brush by the door to give your dog a quick sweep while you're outside together. Regular brushing can help minimize the amount of stray fur you find.
  • Keep the air moist. Running a humidifier when the weather is dry can help moisturize your dog's skin and prevent loose fur from traveling too far.
  • Food affects fur. Your dog's diet is important. Feed her a high-quality food to keep her skin and coat in good condition.
  • Don't go overboard with bathing. Too much bathing can dry out your dog's coat, which may trigger more shedding. Give her fewer baths to avoid this.
  • Invest in equipment. Keep a variety of lint-rollers available and purchase a pet-quality vacuum to get rid of all the loose fur to make your life easier during shedding.

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