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MI Committee to Discuss Breeder and Shelter Regulation Bill Tomorrow (Oct. 31)

(Wednesday, October 30, 2013)

The American Kennel Club has just learned that the Michigan Senate Agriculture Committee is discussing Senate Bill 560 tomorrow. This bill, among other provisions, will limit the number of dogs that can be kept on a single premises and define a “large scale commercial breeder kennel” as one where more than 15 intact female dogs are kept for the purpose of breeding. The committee agenda indicates that no vote will be taken on this bill tomorrow.

Other provisions include new regulations and reporting requirements for animal control and animal protection shelters.

The American Kennel Club has sent a letter to the committee asking them to amend the definition of “large scale commercial breeder kennel” and remove the ownership limits.

If you wish to contact the Senate Agriculture Committee on this bill, click here to view the committee members’ names and contact information.

AKC Government Relations will continue to closely monitor this bill and provide more information as it becomes available.

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