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Highlights From the September 2013 AKC Delegate and Board Meetings

(Monday, September 16, 2013)

Highlights from the September 10-11, 2013 meetings of the AKC Delegates and AKC Board of Directors are as follows. Full details on these actions, as well as other actions taken, are included in the minutes for the meetings, which will be posted on the AKC website.

Delegate Meeting

  • An amendment to Chapter 4, Section 2 - Approval of Judges' Panels and Premium Lists - of the Rules Applying to Dog Shows was adopted. The amendment eliminates the different time frames for sending out premium lists, effective January 1, 2014.
  • At the Delegate Meeting the following clubs were recognized for 100 years as AKC members:
    • American Sealyham Terrier Club
    • Devon County Dog Show Association
    • Empire Beagle Club
    • German Shepherd Dog Club of America
    • Kennel Club of Philadelphia
  • The following individuals were recognized for 25 years as an AKC Delegate:
    • Dr. Sandra Barker
    • Connie S. Clapp
    • Almira B. Dallas
    • Judith V. Daniels
    • Sue Goldberg
    • Jane C. Ogg
    • John L. Ronald
    • Rebecca Stanevich
    • Linda B. Wilson

Board Meeting

  • The Board reinstated the show-giving privileges of the Pekingese Club of America, effective immediately.
  • The Coton du Tulear was approved to compete in the Non-Sporting Group, effective July 2014.
  • The Board further expanded its 2003 policy, amended in 2008, to permit all online registration transactions to be done based upon the signature of one co-owner as long as he or she certified that the individual certifies that he or she has the written authorization of the other co-owner.
  • The board approved the creation of a Retriever Hunting Test Master Hunter Lifetime Achievement title.
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