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NC Update: House Passes HB 930, AKC's Concerns Remain

(Thursday, May 09, 2013)

House Bill 930, a bill that would regulate those who meet a problematic definition of “large commercial dog breeding facility” has passed the North Carolina House of Representatives.

An amendment was added on the floor to exempt kennels in which the majority of dogs are bred, trained or maintained primarily for hunting, sporting, field trials, or show, or “primarily for purposes other than the sale of offspring as pets”. Many questions remain, however, including how this would be proven, or how this would impact those who have intact dogs retired from these activities.

The AKC continues to oppose defining a “large commercial dog breeding facility” based solely on the number of intact female dogs a person owns. We also believe that these reasonable standards of care should apply to ALL dogs.

Read AKC’s previous Legislative Alert for more information on AKC’s position on House Bill 930.

The bill now advances to the Senate. North Carolina dog owners are encouraged to contact their State Senator.

AKC Government Relations will continue to provide more information as it is available.

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