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Victory For Wyoming Dog Owners

(Monday, February 25, 2013)

Thanks to the work of many responsible dog owners and breeders, Senate File 137 failed on Friday in the Wyoming House Committee of the Whole. This bill could have potentially forced owners to relinquish their animals when they are accused of cruelty – even if they were later found not guilty or charges were dismissed.

If your Representative voted no on this bill, please consider briefly thanking them for supporting responsible dog owners. Click on this link and scroll to the end to see how your Representative voted on SF 137.

The AKC thanks the Wyoming dog breeders and AKC club members who took the time to contact their legislators, as well as the Colorado Federation of Dog Clubs, who provided significant support in fighting this measure.

The bill is expected to be reintroduced next session, and AKC will work with legislators, fanciers, and breeders to address concerns.

Read more about Senate File 137.

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