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PA: Problematic Animal Seizure Bill Advancing

(Monday, January 28, 2013)

House Bill 82, which could be detrimental to the rights of responsible animal owners, has passed the Pennsylvania and is pending in the Senate Judiciary Committee. This measure could force owners to relinquish their animals when they are accused of cruelty, regardless of whether the charges are ultimately dismissed. Read AKC's previous Legislative Alert for more information on House Bill 82.

This bill continues to move very quickly, so responsible dog owners in Pennsylvania are strongly urged to contact the Senate Judiciary Committee AND their State Senator as soon as possible, and ask them to not support House Bill 82 as currently written.

Click here to find the name and contact information for your State Senator. View the full Senate contact list by clicking here.

The Judiciary Committee contact information is as follows:

Senator Stewart J. Greenleaf, Chair
Phone: (717) 787-6599
E-mail: sgreenleaf@pasen.gov

Senator John C. Rafferty, Jr., Vice Chair
Phone: (717) 787-1398
E-mail: jrafferty@pasen.gov

Senator Daylin Leach, Minority Chair
Phone: (717) 787-5544
E-mail: senatorleach@pasenate.com

Senator Joseph B. Scarnati III, ex-officio
Phone: (717) 787-7084
E-mail: jscarnati@pasen.gov

Senator Richard L. Alloway II
Phone: (717) 787-4651
E-mail: alloway@pasen.gov

Senator Lisa M. Boscola
Phone: (717) 787-4236
E-mail: boscola@pasenate.com

Senator John H. Eichelberger, Jr.
Phone: (717) 787-5490
E-mail: jeichelberger@pasen.gov

Senator Lawrence M. Farnese, Jr.
Phone: (717) 787-5662
E-mail form

Senator Wayne D. Fontana
Phone: (717) 787-5300
E-mail: Fontana@pasenate.com

Senator John R. Gordner
Phone: (717) 787-8928
E-mail: jgordner@pasen.gov

Senator Dominic Pileggi
Phone: (717) 787-4712
E-mail form

Senator Michael J. Stack
Phone: (717) 787-9608
E-mail: stack@pasenate.com

Senator Randy Vulakovich
Phone: (717) 787-6538
E-mail form

Senator Gene Yaw
Phone: (717) 787-3280
E-mail: gyaw@pasen.gov

AKC Government Relations (AKC GR) will provide updates as they become available. For questions or more information, contact the Pennsylvania Federation of Dog Clubs at pennfedlaw@verizon.net or AKC GR at (919) 816-3720 or doglaw@akc.org.

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