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New Orleans Update: Dog Ordinance Changes Deferred!

(Monday, January 07, 2013)

Today, the Governmental Affairs Committee of the New Orleans City Council deferred consideration of changes to the city’s dog ordinance.

“...We continue to work...with all of the animal organizations and the kennel club and everyone else to create a really great new set of provisions for animal control,” said Councilwoman Susan Guidry, Chair of the Governmental Affairs Committee and sponsor of the ordinance. “We want to continue to listen…and come up with the best ordinance we can do.”

Click here to view today’s Governmental Affairs Committee meeting. The dog ordinance discussion begins at 4 minutes, 30 seconds.

The American Kennel Club (AKC) thanks the Governmental Affairs Committee for their consideration of the concerns of the purebred dog community, and commends the fanciers and enthusiasts who contacted the committee with their concerns.

The AKC Government Relations Department (AKC-GR) expects the ordinance proposal to be considered at the next meeting of the Governmental Affairs Committee in early February, and will continue to provide updates as developments warrant. For more information, contact AKC-GR at (919) 816-3720, or email doglaw@akc.org.

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