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Dog Show Superintendents Association Donates $5,000 to AKC Canine Legislation Support Fund

(Tuesday, December 11, 2012)

A recent donation of $5,000 by the Dog Show Superintendents Association to the AKC’s Canine Legislation Support Fund (CLSF) will allow the American Kennel Club® (AKC®) the ability to strengthen even further its efforts to ensure that the rights of AKC registrants as responsible dog owners are protected.

"The DSSA shares a mutual interest with all dog fanciers, clubs, and the AKC that any legislation enacted about dogs be reasonable and enforceable," said Bob Christiansen, DSSA President. "We are pleased to be able to help protect the right to own and enjoy dogs throughout the US. The association fully supports all efforts for good legislation and the election of dog-friendly officials in state and federal governments."

"We thank the Dog Show Superintendents Association for their generous contribution," said Sheila Goffe, AKC's Director of Government Relations. "Each year, we expend significant resources fighting threats to the right to own and breed dogs, and this donation will go a long way to helping preserve the rights of responsible dog owners and breeders everywhere."

Formed in 2002, the Dog Show Superintendents Association represents professional AKC-licensed superintendents in all important matters impacting superintendents and the dog fancy. The DSSA contains well over 100 years of experience in providing support services to the AKC, show giving clubs and dog show exhibitors.

The AKC established the Canine Legislation Support Fund to help AKC fight legislation that infringes on the rights of responsible dog owners, and to support legislation that protects the right to own and enjoy dogs. One-hundred percent of donations go to supporting legislation, securing formal representation of AKC's interests in Congress and statehouses, and educating legislators about responsible and fair policy for dog breeding and ownership.

Click here to learn how to protect the rights of responsible dog owners.

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