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New Jersey Bills to Help Pet Owners During Emergency Evacuations

(Tuesday, December 04, 2012)

With the New York tri-state area still recovering from the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy, the American Kennel Club (AKC) is pleased to endorse and support New Jersey Senate Bill 1804 and Assembly Bill 3445. As currently written, these bills would permit pet owners to board public transportation with domesticated animals during emergency evacuations.

The AKC believes that dog owners bear a special responsibility to their canine companions to provide proper care and humane treatment at all times. AKC applauds the New Jersey legislature’s efforts to protect the Garden State’s dogs—and owners who might otherwise not evacuate a dangerous area—by providing the means by which responsible owners and their pets can escape areas where the catastrophic impacts of future storms are expected.

SB 1804 was introduced in March 2012 by Senators Van Drew and Norcross and has already been approved by the Senate Law and Public Safety Committee (with amendments). AB 3445 was introduced on November 19 by Assemblywoman Quijano and has been referred to the Assembly Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee.

The AKC urges all concerned New Jersey dog owners to contact their elected representatives and ask them to support SB 1804 and AB 3445. To find your New Jersey State Assemblyperson or Senator, click here.

For more information on SB 1804 and AB 3445, contact AKC’s Government Relations Department at (919) 816-3720, or e-mail doglaw@akc.org. For more information on the AKC’s effort to help dog owners in the tri-state area after Hurricane Sandy, go to www.akc.org.

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