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Ballston Spa (NY) to Consider Limit Law on July 9

(Wednesday, June 27, 2012)

The Ballston Spa Village Board is expected to vote on a proposed 5-dog limit law on Monday, July 9. This limit would include any dogs harbored in a household within city limits – meaning the threshold may include dogs staying temporarily on a property, even if they are not owned by the resident.

Those who currently own more dogs than this threshold may keep them. However, they would not be allowed to own or keep any new dogs over the age of six months on their property.

The AKC opposes limits on dog ownership and believes that strong enforcement of general animal control and cruelty laws are a more effective solution than arbitrary restrictions on responsible dog owners. This could also significantly impact the numerous AKC dog events held in the village, as those who may bring their dogs and stay with a resident during a show weekend would be included in the resident’s threshold limit.

Anyone who resides or participates in dog shows/events in Ballston Spa is strongly encouraged to attend the July 9 meeting and contact the mayor and village board to request that they oppose this ordinance. Scroll down for meeting and contact information.

Read AKC’s letter to the mayor and village board.

Talking Points:

View AKC’s Issue Brief “Dog Limit Laws”
View AKC’s handout “Animal Limit Laws: Better Alternatives”
View AKC’s handout “Economic Benefits of Dog Shows”

How You Can Help:
  • Attend the “Neighborhood Village Meeting” on July 9 and politely ask the board to oppose this ordinance. The meeting information is as follows:
  • Contact the mayor and Village Board and politely ask them to not limit animal ownership in the community. The e-mail is villagebspa@localnet.com
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