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MD Victory: Guardianship Bill Defeated in Committee!

(Thursday, March 15, 2012)

Maryland House Bill 912, which would have changed the word “owner” to “guardian” in numerous places within the state’s animal code, has been given an unfavorable report from the House Environmental Matters Committee and is not expected to advance this year.

The proposed language change in HB 912 would likely have resulted in a dramatic restriction in the rights of owners and veterinarians to protect and care for dogs. Read AKC’s previous Legislative Alert for more information on HB 912.

The AKC congratulates the Maryland Dog Federation (AKC’s state federation for Maryland) and the many dog owners who contacted the committee members in opposition to this bill. The AKC Government Relations Department was pleased to assist them in these efforts by notifying clubs and dog owners about the bill and hearing, sending a letter of opposition to the committee, and working with AKC’s Maryland federation to defeat this measure.

The AKC also thanks the numerous people who took the time to attend the committee hearing on March 1. The overwhelming number of attendees who came to oppose the bill made a significant impact on the ultimate defeat of this legislation.

Please consider taking a moment to thank the members of the House Environmental Matters Committee for giving House Bill 912 an unfavorable report and protecting the rights of responsible dog owners in Maryland. The contact information is as follows:

Delegate Maggie McIntosh (Chair)
Phone: (410) 841-3990
E-mail: Maggie.McIntosh@house.state.md.us

Delegate James E. Malone, Jr. (Vice Chair)
Phone: (410) 841-3378
E-mail: james.malone@house.state.md.us

Delegate Pamela G. Beidle
Phone: (410) 841-3370
E-mail: pamela.beidle@house.state.md.us

Delegate Elizabeth Bobo
Phone: (410) 841-3205
E-mail: elizabeth.bobo@house.state.md.us

Delegate Rudolph C. Cane
Phone: (410) 841-3427
E-mail: rudolph.cane@house.state.md.us

Delegate Alfred C. Carr, Jr.
Phone: (410) 841-3638
E-mail: alfred.carr@house.state.md.us

Delegate Barbara A. Frush
Phone: (410) 841-3114
E-mail: barbara.frush@house.state.md.us

Delegate James W. Gilchrist
Phone: (410) 841-3744
E-mail: jim.gilchrist@house.state.md.us

Delegate Cheryl D. Glenn
Phone: (410) 841-3257
E-mail: cheryl.glenn@house.state.md.us

Delegate Anne Healey
Phone: (410) 841-3961
E-mail: anne.healey@house.state.md.us

Delegate Patrick Hogan
Phone: (410) 841-3240
E-mail: patrick.hogan@house.state.md.us

Delegate Marvin E. Holmes, Jr.
Phone: (410) 841-3310
E-mail: marvin.holmes@house.state.md.us

Delegate Jay A. Jacobs
Phone: (410) 841-3449
E-mail: jay.jacobs@house.state.md.us

Delegate Stephen W. Lafferty
Phone: (410) 841-3487
E-mail: stephen.lafferty@house.state.md.us

Delegate Herb McMillan
Phone: (410) 841-3211
E-mail: herb.mcmillan@house.state.md.us

Delegate Doyle L. Niemann
Phone: (410) 841-3326
E-mail: doyle.niemann@house.state.md.us

Delegate H. Wayne Norman, Jr.
Phone: (410) 841-3284
E-mail: wayne.norman@house.state.md.us

Delegate Anthony J. O’Donnell
Phone: (410) 841-3314
E-mail: anthony.odonnell@house.state.md.us

Delegate Charles J. Otto
Phone: (410) 841-3433
E-mail: charles.otto@house.state.md.us

Delegate A. Shane Robinson
Phone: (410) 841-3021
E-mail: shane.robinson@house.state.md.us

Delegate Dana M. Stein
Phone: (410) 841-3527
E-mail: dana.stein@house.state.md.us

Delegate Cathleen M. Vitale
Phone: (410) 841-3510
E-mail: cathy.vitale@house.state.md.us

Delegate Michael H. Weir, Jr.
Phone: (410) 841-3328
E-mail: michael.weir@house.state.md.us

Delegate C.T. Wilson
Phone: (410) 841-3325
E-mail: ct.wilson@house.state.md.us

For questions or more information on this legislation, contact AKC Government Relations at (919) 816-3720 or doglaw@akc.org.

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