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MO Committee to Consider Bill to Deny Animals Equal or Greater Legal Status than Human Legislation on Tues. (2/7)

(Friday, February 03, 2012)

The American Kennel Club is pleased that the Missouri House General Laws Committee is scheduled to consider House Bill 1513 on Tuesday, February 7. This bill would prohibit state laws from conferring “upon any animal a right, privilege or legal status that is equivalent or that exceeds a right, privilege or legal status” that the state confers upon humans.

The measure further states that this exclusion of rights for animals does not limit laws that protect the welfare of animals in Missouri.

The AKC believes that conferring rights or legal privileges upon animals that are equivalent to those of humans would reduce the legal status and value of dogs as property, and thereby restrict the rights of owners, veterinarians and government agencies to protect and care for dogs. It may also subject them to frivolous and expensive litigation.

Responsible dog owners and breeders in Missouri are encouraged to contact the members of this committee and attend the hearing to express your support for HB 1513..

The text of the measure follows:

The laws of this state shall not confer upon any animal a right, privilege, or legal status that is equivalent or that exceeds a right, privilege, or legal status as that which this state confers by law upon a human being. This provision shall not be construed as limiting laws that protect the welfare of animals in the state.

How You Can Help:

  • Attend the February 7 meeting and express your support for House Bill 1513. The hearing information is as follows:

    Missouri House General Laws Committee
    Date: Tuesday, February 7, 2012
    Time: 12:00 pm
    Location: Missouri State Capitol
    House Hearing Room 4*

    *Please note, this hearing is taking place at the same time as a hearing on House Bill 1404 (Breeder Appreciation Month) which AKC also supports. (Click here for more information on HB 1404.) It may be possible for supporters to attend both hearings.

  • Contact the members of the committee and ask them to support House Bill 1513.

Chair, Representative Franz Ward
Phone: 573-751-1455 
Email: Ward.Franz@house.mo.gov 

Vice- Chair, Representative Todd Richardson
Phone: 573-751-4039 
Email: Todd.Richardson@house.mo.gov 

Representative Mike Colona
Phone: 573-751-6736 
Email: Mike.Colona@house.mo.gov 

Representative Gary Cross
Phone: 573-751-1459
Email: Gary.Cross@house.mo.gov

Representative David Day
Phone: 573-751-1446 
Email: David.Day@house.mo.gov 

Representative Doug Funderburk
Phone: 573-751-2176 
Email: Doug.Funderburk@house.mo.gov 

Representative Jay Houghton
Phone: 573-751-3649 
Email: Jay.Houghton@house.mo.gov 

Representative John McCaherty
Email: John.McCaherty@house.mo.gov

Representative Tracy McCreery
Phone: 573-751-4163 
Email: Tracy.McCreery@house.mo.gov

Representative Tom McDonald
Phone: 573-751-9851 
Email: Tom.McDonald@house.mo.gov 

Representative Mark Parkinson
Phone: 573-751-4451 
Email: Darrell.Pollock@house.mo.gov 

Representative Darrell Pollock
Phone: 573-751-4451 
Email: Darrell.Pollock@house.mo.gov 

Representative Dwight Scharnhorst
Phone: 573-751-4392 
Email: Dwight.Scharnhorst@house.mo.gov 

Representative Jill Schupp
Phone: 573-751-9762 
Email: Jill.Schupp@house.mo.gov 

Representative Jay Swearinggen
Phone: 573-751-2199 
Email: Jay.Swearingen@house.mo.gov

For questions or more information, contact AKC Government Relations at (919) 816-3720 or doglaw@akc.org.
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